Ex-Player: Takumi MINAMINO

First Name: Takumi
Surname: Minamino
Squad Number: 18
Position: Forward
Height: 1.74m
Weight: 67kg
D.O.B.: 16.01.1995.
Town of Birth: Izumisano
Country of Birth: Japan
Nationality: Japanese

Just did a quick check of our first team regulars and they are mostly around 75 Kg mark. Takumi and Naby (64!!!) need to beefed up.

Right now taki is looking sharper and I think deserves a look in the team. Even if it is off the bench next 3 games I hope we see him play.

Good all round game by Taki, he was my MOTM tonight. Felt his level didn’t drop, involved all the time in attacking but also defending. Saw some good finishing of him in training clips last week, that first goal was reminiscent of that. Positives signs again.


Before Alcantara’s and Jota’s arrivals, I said that Minamino and Keita hold the key of this season for me because of sheer number of games and that team would need their energy and creativity to ease the burden off regular starters. I thought he was Liverpool’s best player against both Arsenal and Lincoln but he’ll face much tougher opponents than last night. He seems to be channeling his energy better without the ball and taking a bit less time to make decisions with it, that should be the most important parts of his development.


I think most people here are suggesting the Bobby role for Takumi. But didn’t he played on the right wing when we played Salzburg???

He played every role but why would that matter? Klopp uses his players in very specific ways and sometimes they have no correlation to the same “role” in another team despite having the same label. Minaminos attributes and skill set most closely matches Firminos in the false 9 (433) or 10 role (4231) so that’s the best use for him in our side. He’s versatile, just like Firmino, so can provide cover when needed elsewhere but won’t be as effective for us.


Not trying to find any. Just saying that he seemed like a winger at Salzburg.

Worth bearing in mind that Bobby wasn’t primarily used in his current false 9 role when he was at Hoffenheim. It’s the skillet that the club looks for rather than where another club has used them. After all, other clubs will have different set ups, different objectives, different strengths and weaknesses in their squad, the player will be at an earlier stage of their development…all this means is that how a player has been used before is only a useful indicator taken in context. Far more relevant is a player’s technical skills, movement, mentality, personality, athleticism etc.

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Again missing the point :blush:. I’m just wondering if I remember Takumi was a winger for Salzburg :innocent:.

Good to see him playing with so much confidence now. All he ever needed was a couple of goals to get him going. With Jota’s arrival we now have genuine quality depth to our attacking options.


I guess the issue for Taki, and Jota come to that, is that as good as I think they are, and however much I want to see them get games due to their quality and desire… it’s hard to justify dropping one of our world-class front three to accommodate them.

Jota is a couple of years younger, so with him there’s an element of getting him ready to step into one of our starter’s boots in a couple of seasons, whereas already in his mid-20s it feels like such a shame for Minamino to get reduced playing time.

It’s going to be interesting to see how much they’re able to play this season.

While Bobby is no doubt indispensable, it’s his place in danger if we have to try out something new. A combination of Thiago in midfield, and Keita/ Minamino can mean they can address the midfield shortcomings we had, which Bobby had to drop and take care of.

But again Bobby can change his role back to being further upfront, in which case he’s undoubtedly a genius compared to others. We have just not seen that ability to play intricately in and around the box and the eye for goal, which am presuming would still be there.


He’ll get plenty of game time because there are just so many games in such a short space of time this season. We might even have a crack at the domestic cups. No reason why not given the squad we now have.

Jota is obviously being groomed to become one of the ‘new front 3’ but Minamino is squad depth. He’s not at the level of the fab 3 and I doubt he ever will be but I don’t think he’ll be under any illusions about that. JK’s a fair guy. He seems to select players on merit sometimes even on the basis of performance in training so it’s up to Minamino to take his opportunities when they arise. He certainly did last night.


They’ll get enough game time. So far, we prayed that we don’t have to use someone like Origi if we really don’t have to. Now, with better options we might rotate a bit more. And we’ll have to, in fact, considering the pre-season we’ve had and the season ahead.


Mane Firmino Salah

Jota Salah Mane

Jota Takumi Salah

Mane Jota Salah

Jota Firmino Mane

Mane Takumi Salah

Takumi and Jota give us lots of options and flexibility without much drop in the quality on the pitch.

He’s starting to look a lot more confident now, you can see him demanding the ball all the time.

He’s always on the half turn and that first touch is excellent. His pressing is absolutely relentless as well, he’s seriously quick to hunt people down.

Think we’ve got another good one here.


I know there’s a lot more to it than just the following basic summary, but penny for minaminos thoughts as jotas shot found a home vs the Arse

Barring injuries, It’s hard to see him and Jota getting a start together in a big game just yet.

Ignoring the obvious official version, it must be a bit frustrating because as a few have said, he was just starting to come into his own.

Given the midfield options we have and probably the more we go into the season, i am sure they will get chances to start in alot of games. Dont forget Champions League games as well. I think they could easily use Taki in the midfield if need be.

Sadly I just don’t see him succeeding here.

A very tidy player, but at the same time nothing exceptional in his play (besides working hard)

Jota for me will be a player continually used in rotation with our front three. Minamino on the other hand seems more likely to take an Origi role in squad. Only really an option others are not fit or can’t play.

I think so highly of Elliott, I would actually prefer him being our 5th choice forward in many instances.