Ex-player: Xabi Alonso

Haha, good one! We’ll see, maybe Klopp extends for a few more years… :slight_smile: Although I will worry about him quitting should there be another season like the previous one (or worse).

Anyway, I’m trying to follow Alonso’s progress as I don’t really see other options out there who could take over from Klopp at some point. All the good ones are taken or are really difficult personalities, while Alonso seems as cool as ever and his debut season at Leverkusen has largely been a successful one all things considering.

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Three years is a long time in football.


Yup at this moment I’d put him on a let’s see how he does list.

If his team is qualifying for CL season after season then he is an option, but I still expect Klopp will stay til he is 60.

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That would be setting the bar too high. Leverkusen isn’t financially strong enough. Yes, they can get the odd CL spots like Berlin.

pessimistic old git

Did you invite SMTM?

I was worried about the leap he was taking from Sociedad B to Bayer. Although it’s still very early days, he has managed just 41 games, the signs are encouraging. I only watch the odd games, but Leverkusen plays such wonderful football.


Xabi is a top bloke


Also he’s going to have a big pull for top players to come play under him just like Jürgen does. Xabi has that quiet charisma

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Let’s not get carried away. He hasn’t even won a trophy yet.

He’s highly unlikely to win the Bundesliga with Leverkusen. Maybe a cup or two. There’s only so much you can overcome when your resources are limited as a manager/coach.
But he’s literally won everything there is to win in football as a player.


The way I look at is this.

Does well in the league and achieves CL does well in Europe and continues to improve with the odd cup.

If he continues then he has to be an option after Klopp.




I’m pretty sure Cheaty will hire some one famous, some one matching the profile of Pep, some one who has won trophies. Xavi, Ancelotti, Simone comes to mind. Alonso will probably, IMO, take the Klopp route; will take progressively challenging projects.


Read another great Crouch story last night. When he first came to Liverpool he moved into one of the city’s exclusive hotels while he got himself situation. There was a female staff member there who was unusually attentive to him and Crouchy thought he was in. He got to training the next day and started telling a couple of the lads about it. Carra called the whole team together to make him tell them all this story of this looker he was going to pursue.

It was Xabi’s wife :joy: :see_no_evil:


Looks like he will take over from Carlo in the summer.

Maybe in the future but right now it would be a mistake. WAY too big a step up in pressure and expectation. Probably the biggest job in club football there is!

Before Klopp leaves Liverpool (if all goes well until 2026), Real might change about 3 head coaches.



Spanish teams have form for appointing ex players as their managers. Look at Zidane for instance.

I do think Xabi would manage Real Madrid though. Liverpool maybe if the timing is right when Klopp leaves.

Does he have time to go to RM, fuck up and then rebuild his reputation at a mid table PL club before Jürgen retires?

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