Ex-player: Xherdan SHAQIRI

First Name: Xherdan
Surname: Shaqiri
Squad number: 23
Position: Forward
Height: 1.69m
Weight: 72 kg
D.O.B.: 10.10.1991.
Town of Birth: Gnjilane
Country of Birth: Yugoslavia
Nationality: Swiss

I thought he had been training with the main squad in the recent camp, but then I noticed that he didnt even play with Switzerland in these last few games. Any idea on his status?

Judging by his entry on Physioroom (, I’m started to worry that he died and we’re not letting on until we’ve rigged up something similar to A Weekend at Bernie’s…



Didn’t know that.

Yeah, it used to be a big country but fell to pieces in all those wars…


Seriously brother

I thought we were desperately hoping for a spot to open up in the squad?

I’m suspecting it’s Corona and the situation is not okay.

I doubt it would be corona virus. Plenty of other athletes have had it and made it public, so not sure what the club would gain by keeping it secret

He is from the Albanian part. You may recall some controversy when he provoked some Serbs with an Albanian flag some years who.


never been given much of a chance this lad,he must have a poor attitude in training or something you’d think.

If he had a poor attitude he’d already be gone.


I knew the Xhaka brothers are from former Yugoslavia. Didn’t know Shaqiri have same ethnicity.

I don’t know what’s the illness or injury, but it’s worrying.



Love to see it, I’m glad big Shaqs is back. He’s going to play a big role this season. Especially if we’re playing more 4231.


I think if Klopp moves between 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 this year we might see more of him and taki. Fingers crossed he gets into that system and is a creative force and dead ball specialist as well for us this coming year

Something just doesn’t seem right. I don’t think the club and he are happy to be honest and both parties want him to leave but the offers aren’t forthcoming


June 2023 :exploding_head:

Would have been a wonderful deal if he could stay reasonably fit.

Exciting player in patches. When he’s fit, we have a strong first 11 so he doesn’t get in. When it’s rotation time, he has got himself injured in some way or another. By now, he really should have forced himself to be a genuine option off the bench in most games.

No complaints from me if he stays, but probably with the new players coming in (and Minamino already bedded in ), we can look to move him on if a suitable offer comes.

Thanks for the amazing Barce game (quality crosses, but his positioning and track back were not up to it).