Expectations for the season

I expect 4th place, but hope for better and think 3d and 2nd place is quite possible if we have a really good season with this squad due to our fantastic manager. I don’t think we will be really contending for the title though, as I don’t really think we have a good enough team for that if I am honest.

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We are in the Europa League.


Anything less than the semis of the EL would be disappointing tbh.

Impossible to say in the PL with injuries, new players, weird refereeing decisions etc.


My expectation is that Endo beds in, giving the defence more protection from a solidified midfield, thereby providing our outrageous attack with the foundation it needs to tear new arses all over Europe.

If the above happens, everything else will take care of itself.

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Very good point. Brain freeze. Sorry ! Then I think semi finals at the very least, imo we stand a good chance at actually winning it as well.

In with a chance of the league as well as the final in Dublin next May

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to Tacca


Brighton showing it doesn’t matter who you sell if you are a well run club from top to bottom.United showing it doesn’t matter who you buy, if you are a badly ran club from top to bottom.


SmallbridgeSmallbridge replied:

Fantastic result.

Man United season in absolute tatters already, and we’re only a few games in.

The pound shop Solskjær will be sacked by Christmas





My expectation is for Ten Hag to formally be renamed The Pound Shop Solskjær

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