FA Cup 2022/23 - no, we can't

Mitrovic deserved a red as did Gnasher but Mitrovic’s was far worse than Gnasher’s.

This all stems from players being allowed to remonstrate and surround officials to get fouls, players sent off or just disagreeing with decisions.

Refs now need to use the rules to their full effect and to be given carte blanche to caution/send off players


How was it far worse?

Greatest benefit of them all…us not playing.

Because one was for Utd and one was to their disadvantage. You should know that you can only set a precedent after a Utd offence.

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Yup I did make this comment to a friend.

If you cant see the difference then I can’t help just re watch them there was far more aggression in Mitrovic’s actions


He was wearing a Fulham shirt was the main difference. :neutral_face:

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I really don’t need your help.
The act of putting your hand on the official in an aggressive manner is a red card.
There is no stratification of guilt in this.

Mitrovic may well get additional punishment for his reaction to the card, but his initial interaction was no worse than Bruno.

And if you don’t understand that I can’t help you either.

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So everytime someone touches an official it is a red card, is what you are saying, and the manner it is done is inconsequential?

Not what is said.

Read again, without the preconceived answer

You are right I did miss the aggressive manner, but I don’t think Gnashers was aggressive, it was more that the Lino walked across in front of him and he just touched him to ease him in the same direction.

BTW I hate Bruno and his antics and I did say he should possibly have got a red. Also he should have had at least 2 yellows, one for feigning an injury and at least one for dissent

I thought he was looking to get sent off, and deliberately pushed the lino.

It wasn’t as aggressive as Mitrovic, but it was a red card offence.

That wasn’t a push push push otherwise the lino would have fallen forward, but he had been remonstrating with the Lino and in that instance, he shouldn’t have put his hands on him and should possibly have received a red card

If Gnasher was not a push then it can be construed as a slap… which is worse.!
The point is… officials DO NOT favour LFC at any time…!
That is what is at fault in all these comparisons

Kavanagh didn’t fall yesterday, and it was still a red card.
There is no incremental stages of punishment.
Hands on with aggression is a red card.
As @sandsoftime points out, if its not a push its a slap. Still a red card.

My initial point stands.if Mitrovic deserved red (he did, we all agree) then Bruno also deserved red.

The question, and once again answered by @sandsoftime is why there is no universality in the rules?

Imagine if Robbo grabbed the lino? Red card, nailed on.

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If Silva has even half a brain, he should be directing his video analytical team to find every incident involving Kavanagh being pushed/shoved/slapped by a player, or any incident involving a Utd player against any ref and air them all in his next press conference and ask why none of them were given a red - put the pressure back onto the refs and pl, fl and fa to take action and hold all accountable to the same standards

If I was Silva I would accept that my player was a idiot for doing what he did, with ten men that game is salvageable now they will lose William for a game and Mitrovic for potentially 3 but even more. It effectively could kill any race for Europe, and it means they won’t be playing in a semi final against Brighton at Wembley. They had control of that game and even at 1-1 and 10 men there is enough out there to grind it out for pens or to hit them on the break.

Yes make the case for consistency but it’s a sending off, it was dumb and everyone knows it.

Fuck sakes.

The thing to remember… If Gnasher had been sent off at Anfield for his slap/push, Mitrovic may have resisted pushing the referee yesterday.
The referees are the one ruining the game


Hopefully Brighton can pull a little surprise on United. My admiration for Zerbi is growing as I keep finding out things about him and I even think his current first team squad is a bit short and will need backing this summer. Would love to see them get to the final.

No he wouldn’t, it’s a dumb thing to do in the heat of the moment.

Penandes wouldn’t have been on the pitch to put the pen away but beyond that.

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