Fábio Carvalho (on loan at Hull City FC)

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Anyone here regularly watch Fulham? It seems he picks up the ball a lot in midfield or deep, so much so that he doesn’t appear to play as a forward. That’s not to say he can’t but the videos aren’t reflecting it. I’m going to be watching with interest how Klopp uses him in preseason.

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Not seen minute one of watching this boy play (other than the normal Youtube scouting department) so I have no opinion. That said, been enlightening reading through that Fulham thread posted above. Very promising and seems universally beloved. Kept reading recurring themes of high level professionalism and intangibles.

As an aside, from that same thread this did get lol from me:

Talent wise Elliot was up there as well but he’s got rocks for brains and that’ll hold him back.


Welcome young Phil Coutinho. :grinning:

He is a very busy player from what I’ve seen of him, I do think he has game time for us next season.


Every time I see or hear a player described as “busy”, it takes me back to Brian Moore in the 80s. Whenever Ray Houghton would pick up the ball, Moore would invariably say:

“And here’s Ray Houghton, with that busy little stride…”


I watched him v’s City in the cup and he went toe to toe with them, very exciting signing.

Interesting to read this. They do have a point about the system being unfair on smaller clubs who develop talents like Carvalho and Elliott. Basically no risk for us and no reward for them

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As in his shorts :grin:

Thanks - Prolix. Interesting to read they think Harvey has ‘rocks for brains’. Wonder if the haircut and any shite on socials has something to do with that as he only played twice (?) for them as a 16 year old so wouldn’t have thought he could have done too much to deserve that moniker.

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Welcome to Liverpool, Fabio! I hope your career takes off like Mo Salah in his debut season with us!

Interesting take from fulham fans:

Watching from the touch lines at Motspur Park Elliott was that kid we all played with at school - the best player but really narky - visibly showing his frustration at his team mates - also a little bit selfish. Fab was different, much more encouraging and supportive- he had a particularly close relationship with Jasper. Now that is all down to personality which of itself doesn’t particularly mean much - after all wasn’t Haynes referred to as little Nark?

*But if I had choice as to which one of the two I could keep - right now hands down it would be Fab - two footed, beautifully balanced, has the ability to receive on the full turn, let alone the half turn. *

Will be interesting to see if I will be of the same view 3 or 4 years down the line. They are both so young, it is difficult to predict with certainty


Think most top level footballers were properly a tad arsey ass teens wanting to win desperately and obviously being much better than anyone even at academy level. Don’t think it carries forward into mens professional football where people at the same club are usually all at similar levels. Then maturity comes into it, think it’s probably fair to say Elliott over the last two to three years has shown immaturity. The ability is there which is vital but he’s still a kid really, hopefully next season after a difficult year at times for him this season we will see him at his best. Also we seen Virgin at Southampton acting immature not training wasn’t it? Shows it’s just a stage not a reflection on the character

That would be a rarity



I’ll leave it unedited for my stupidity to remain

Depends on whether its the players perspective or the clubs perspective being looked at.

Phil with his dodgy back for instance trying to gtfo the club or VVD with what hes done at southampton.

If the players are ambitious and the club doesnt seem to be matching their ambitions , they will agitate to leave.

And Fulham Fans perspective on Elliot might be skewed considering he played very little for them. Fabio on the other hand has played much more and has been instrumental in him winning promotion.

Also the demeanour (off the pitch) plays a part.