Fabio "FABINHO" TAVARES: 2020/21

First Name: Fabio
Surname: Tavares
Squad Number: 3
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 78kg
D.O.B.: 23.10.1993.
Town of Birth: Campinas
Country of Birth: Brazil
Nationality: Brazilian

Journalists are now backing up the idea that he will be used as the 4th CB when Thiago arrives.

I have to say I am very much in favour of this move, simply because he doesn’t like he do it in midfield at the moment. He’s always looked solid at centre back, albeit for fairly brief periods of time, but in midfield over the past 9 months or so he has been an absolute liability and frequently at fault for goals we have conceded.

Maybe a move to CB is going to be more natural for h anyway, somewhere he doesn’t have to worry quite as much about tracking runners from deep positions.

Still think we might get someone in, maybe in January.

Don’t see it being long term, at least not yet. I don’t think it’s come even close to that, to be honest. Though I did have that CB position in my mind when he struggled initially, that we could “save” him if he flopped in midfield.

He remains pretty important for us and mainly in midfield. Yes, his next mission is cut out those lower level periods, become more consistent.

While he has been poor specially since the post Corona period, I don’t think he has been poor for that long time.

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Poor doesn’t cut it for me, I think he has been absolutely terrible and it started long before Corona. Clearly several levels below what we require. Henderson is the far, far better DM at this stage.

His most recent outings are even making me doubt if he has the ability to play in our midfield. He’s a shielding midfielder who can’t shield. Can’t pick up runners, is completely unaware of anything happening that is not directly in his eyeline. It’s an issue he has had since day one at the club, but it’s now something that other teams look to play off and he is targeted by the opposition midfield. Outnumber him 2v1 and you can guarantee a midfield runner gets through unmarked. In fact you don’t even have to do that, just play the ball wide and make a run off his blindside when he turns towards the ball and they get in straight down the middle.

Honestly, if he doesn’t improve this season we should move him on. Some fans call him the best DM in the league, he’s not even the best in our squad.

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Well if your wife thinks so as well…


I bet she rewards him well,lucky bastard.


I thought Werner would have him on toast today because Fabinho doesn’t have a lot of pace, but he was brilliant in those one on ones. Like a bloody wall. His best performance in any position for months.


Fabinho is like VvD in that he doesn’t seem to have a lot of pace because he’s tall and very conservative with his energy and movement but in an open sprint they’re both absolutely rapid striding along in big loping strides. They can catch up to and take over many smaller guys known for their speed with relative ease. Fabinho was a rapid, flying, highly offensive, wing-back not that many years ago.

no disrespect, but i don’t agree with this at all

virgil is a big man who eats up ground with smooth strides. not as fast as gomez, but he can run

fabinho’s gait pattern would make a track coach start drinking. the relative lack of pace is the only reservation i have, given the high line we favor

werner is one of the fastest attacking players in the league, and he dealt with him every time, but still makes me a little nervous

He was bloody excellent, the penalty was the only time Werner got past him.

He was excellent today.

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When we were linked to Lewis a video of him talking about Liverpool made the rounds. In it he was asked the fastest player in our side and said VvD and the interviewer was surprised. If I remember correctly.

Chelsea gameplay was clearly set to get Werner isolated on Fabinho when they counter attacked to try to pin Taa back and take advantage of Fab.

The couple times they managed it he absolutely stoned Timo. Looked a classy, experienced defender out there.


Where’s Timo.


That’s intended to be in the back pocket am presuming, but it’s looking something really awkward and not in the back pocket :laughing:

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Another good performance at CB, well played. Thought he and Robbo were arguably our best individuals tonight, certainly our best performers in defence.


He’s going to be first choice with Joe and Joel rotating for the other CB spot. He’s much better CB than a defensive midfielder, atleast if the form of last few months are to go by


He was also the RCB tonight, means that Matip will definitely remain at RCB. When Fabinho plays with Matip, he might be the LCB. But Gomez will be the LCB with Matip and Fabinho.

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