Fashion Thread for all those a la mode

The clamour for glamour has become impossible to ignore.
Whether it’s Trent’s wardrobe, Harvey’s bags, Curtis’s hairstyle, everyone here is talking about fashion.
In consultation with our resident Modemeisters (you know who you are!) and sponsored by Primark and Brut, I bring you the fashion thread for all your tips, suggestions and designs.

Warning - remember, fashion is danger!

Some Everton player

Another Everton player

Nice tie Bobby!

Only 4 posts so far

And my eyes are already hurting…

Please lock this thread!


Fashion changes, but style endures.

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Wise words Cog, let’s hope your fashion sense is superior to your taste in dessert/drinky things.

I don’t wear anything vaguely fashionable.

Me neither, but everyone on here seems to have an opinion

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Polonius tells his son Laertes to dress well because “apparel oft proclaims the man”; this phrase is now expressed in modern parlance as “the clothes maketh the man”.


Marvellous stuff Sot. Full marks for bringing Shakespeare into it so early.
Is that an adage that influences your wardrobe?
Are there pics?

Certainly been conscious of that adage all my life…
Think Leonard Cohen…
Who better than him has epitomised what classic style is all about :0)

“Not only was Leonard Cohen one of the most talented songwriters of our time, but he was also a very sharp dresser, spending much of his career in great suits.”


Those suits…

Also coined the phrase brevity is the soul of wit.

However, it should be pointed out that Shakespeare made Polonius out to be a bit of an idiot and figure of ridicule (eg despite his quote about brevity and wit, he was often given to long, overly verbose statements - ie showing he himself was lacking in wit by his own standards).

Or in other words, his line about clothes making the man could be another example of Shakespeare showing how dumb Polonius was.


Just another thread to bash Harvey.


I got some Nike airbags for my feet for X-Mas. Like being on stilts and takes a while to get used to driving with them on. So watch out you French roadhogs!

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New style of man bag :0)


I remember those infamous white suits!

With regards to fashion, i always liked to modish fashion sense, very much the 1960s influence.

However, since I was an 80s teen, it was big hair, the mullet, bright, neon, colours, shoulder pads, oversized jackets, leg warmers, junky jewellery, high wasted ripped jeans, leather jackets.
It was horrendous, looking back now!!:see_no_evil:


Evidence please - Colour picture will suffice :0)