Fictional post-apocalyptic travel challenge

Couldn’t see any better place to put this but feel free to move. This is something I for some reason keep mulling over periodically, and would be interested in general input.

The scenario is that you wake up one day and everyone in the world has disappeared. You have to get from England to Mainland USA. You have a driving license but have never sailed a boat or flown a plane. Your resources are everything that’s currently in the world as you can take want you want, but not magically so if for some reason you think you will need the Crown Jewels, you can have them but only if you know where they currently are and are sure you could get through any security measure to physically get them. You can take as long as you need to to get there, but all normal human limits apply so you have to eat and sleep reasonably regularly.

Given the above, how would you peronally go about reaching the US. Which route would you take? What transport would you use etc.

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If everyone else on the face of the planet has disappeared, why would I need to get to the USA? :thinking:


If I was starting in mainland UK I’d drive to Canary Wharf and see if there was a superyacht parked up.

Check the fuel, start her up and probably crash it into a bridge… assuming I didn’t, shouldn’t be impossible to figure out the nav systems and sail over to somewhere on the east coast USA. Superyachts can have crazy ranges, 5000 miles. Prob take a week, eating caviar, drinking champagne

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Good start. My concern would be that I thought Canary Wharf had a system.of locks to get in and out of that I’m not sure a single person could navigate alone?

If I woke up one one morning and everyone else had completely disappeared somewhere and I was the last man available… first thing I would do is check on the prime Raquel Welch looking neighbour of mine to see if she is still here, and ask if that statement she rebuffed me with years back still rang true now… Can’t remember exactly how she said it but it went something like…
“not a chance, even if you were the last man on earth”
Lets see if she really meant it eh :0)


You’re probably right about the locks. Haven’t a clue but it’s a fairly posh (sic modern construction) area, so maybe the locks are heavily automated. Might work as long as you could get the yacht into the locks, disembark via a smaller boat and get to the control area, then back again for each part of the process.

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I see a fatal flaw with your plan

Yeah but I wouldn’t know that for sure unless I checked :0)
Anyway, stop ruining my fantasy…

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I would fly on my seagulls from England to America

This would probably work for you, but for the average man who doth not command the gulls of the sea, I fear this is a non-starter.

How else would you vote for Donald.

Google Maps is fucking useless, just checked.

It would definitely be a boat that’s big enough to have another boat aboard so I can ditch the first one if required.

I would need motivation though. Pointless doing anything if I’m the last person. I would need at least 1 woman in the US, and I can already tell she’s and absolute princess because she expects me to do all the work to get there.

I would also need the internet to keep working for knowledge, and all electronics like gps.

Compass? Sun? Stars? How quickly we forget.

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I’d go to Manc airport, find a jumbo, read the handbook and risk it.

well I’ve got approx 20 years ahead of me, and going to assume that utilities like water and power are all operating normally?

so I’m going to take my time and figure out the immediate necessities of food and water. see what kind of vegetables are available that can be stored and what needs to be eaten fresh. Find someplace that has a flight simulator and start my flight training, learning to navigate by compass if satellite GPS is offline. start reading up on sailing and navigation as a backup. spend a few months honing my skills to fly a Gulfstream with long-range capabilities, as those jets usually have low hours and meticulously maintained by private owners.

Would take my time, not like I’d have anything else do do. could do some foraging in free time for valuables and weapons as I’m not sure what I’m flying into in America :wink: !

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I remember, I just need a refresher :grinning: but really, it would be for the knowledge for sailing or heaven forbid, flying.


Very good. Say you had to get there within six months, would you do exactly the same but faster?

Easy, find a Lambo in London, drive down to Dover. Once in Dover jump on any of the available boats and sail over to France.

In France, I would find another supercar to drive to Vienna, then jump on the Orient Express and drive that bastard all the way to Vladivostok, then drive down to North Korea, launch one of the nukes (we all know that all of them are aimed at US) and ride one over

One major flaw in your plan: the Orient Express doesn’t go to Vladivostok.