FIFA Arab Cup 2021™

November 30 - December 18

Group A: Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, Qatar
Group B: Mauritania, Syria, Tunisia, UAE
Group C: Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, KSA
Group D: Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan

Nov 27: Southampton
Nov 30: Everton
Dec 1: Egypt vs. Lebanon
Dec 4: Wolves
Dec 4: Egypt vs. Sudan
Dec 7: Milan
Dec 7: Egypt vs. Algeria
Dec 11: Villa
Dec 11: Quarter-finals
Dec 15: Newcastle
Dec 15: Semifinals
Dec 18: Spurs
Dec 18: Final

How many days before the tournament starts do we have to let Salah go?

BTW, FIFA does no longer even pretend they give a fuck about the clubs anymore, 3 matches during SA qualifying rounds so the players will miss the first game after the break every time. Arab Cup in December Africa Cup in January, when will this shit stop?

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I didn’t think Mo was going to this? I thought it was decided long time ago, No to Olympics and no to this, because of World Cup and Afcon.

Guess we will see what happens, don’t think it was confirmed eithier way.

Because I hadn’t heard I had hoped it had been dropped. I do have a feeling we might lose Salah for only one of these two tournaments.

Yeah I could have sworn Salah had been ruled out of this one. Thought I saw their manager also say that he will be focusing on Egyptian players who are outside of Europe.


Hope you guys are right

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You see, the thing is this is the dress-rehearsal for Q22 and FIFA will ensure a good show. There are just a handful of recognizable players among all the participating countries and Salah is the crown jewel of the lot.

They should have held a totally different tournament then.

No offence @Iftikhar, but it’s because of OPs like this that we need a thumbs down button.