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April Fool’s ?

Marin has lost the election in Finland. They’ve gone conservative, but know nothing about Finnish politics so don’t know how bad they are (highly unlikely they would be as bad as in UK)

That’s surprising, I don’t know much about their politics but from my friend living in Finland, she seems to be pretty popular and effective. Anyway it a swing of just less than 1%. It would be unfortunate and naive if the only bad point against her was the video of her dancing and partying. Other than that there seems to be hardly much she did badly

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It was the archetypal centre-right playbook: focus the campaign on the need for public spending cuts to reduce the country’s debt-to-gross domestic product ratio (in Finland’s case, this stands at 73 per cent) and make room for tax cuts.

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Taken from that article, this stands out here:

That’s what a genuine democracy looks like. Far away from those inefficient two-parties systems.


which party is Marin from ?

She is from the Social Demicrat Party

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The Finns, who have gained the second most seats, are a far-right party. Unfortunately, democracy doesn’t have fail-safes against stupidity.

Not a good development.

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No indeed, but the multi-party system is surely a way to avoid them to take power within one election, or to have a situation like in England, where the fools seem to run the asylum since a decade or so thanks to the two-parties system.

Even if the far right party gains power (not a good development, I agree), they’ll always have to compose with the other parties in order to achieve a part of their aims.


It’s odd that it’s being portrayed as her having lost the election, despite her party gaining seats. If anything, surely it’s the Centre Party and the other left-wing parties losing seats to the right?

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Closer to the coup.

getting worse. internet in the country suspended.

Will end with a regime change.

Pakistan in its current state is a bother for everyone. Not even talking about the india - pak relations.

China’s getting panicky over CPEC. Saudi Arabia has proposed a rail linkup involving connectivity with Levant / Gulf(israel included) to sea ports linking to India and the recent peace deal with Iran is one of those.

A stable Pakistan in essence would provide the Saudis with a direct train route to India which would save them big money in shipment.

US isn’t happy with the prospect of increased Pak ties with China / Russia. And there’s also the threat of nukes falling into hands of extremists. Neither faction wants that at all.

If the Pakistani govt had people’s best interest at heart , they’d know how to leverage their strategic value in geography. The link between Iran to India and markets beyond. Also the CPEC link. However with the state of unrest in Pakistan , there’s no force willing to bail them out of their near default financial position. Even IMF hasn’t yet approved the bailout.

Instead the Pakistani govt would rather spend more time doing needless expansion of their nuclear arsenal , spending more and more on their armed forces (ofcourse by pointing to big bad India who is ofcourse coming to gobble up their lands) and then have puppets like Imran or the other military imposed democratic prime minister’s in charge who once their use is realised are readily thrust to the side.

A large part of me says that this is purely Pakistan’s Karma. They’ve recieved loads of aid over the years (comparable to the aid that South Korea has recieved from the US) and now they find that the aid has dried up and is now being provided with loans instead. Their leadership has gotten the country to this position where it’s finally on the brink of being a failed state by misusing the aid for subsidies as well as military arms race.


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