Goal of the Season 2021-22

  • Mo vs Norwich (A)
  • Mane vs Burnley (A)
  • Hendo vs Milan (Champions League) (H)
  • Naby vs Palace (H)
  • Jones vs Brentford (A)
  • Mo vs Shiteh (H)
  • Naby vs Spanish Burnley (Champions League) (A)
  • Big Div vs PNE (A)
  • Thiago vs Porto (Champions League) (H)
  • Trent vs Newcastle (H)
  • Harvey vs Cardiff (FA Cup) (H)
  • Mane vs Norwich (H)
  • Joel vs Leeds (H)
  • Mane vs Shiteh (N)(FA Cup)(1)
  • Mane vs Shiteh (N)(FA Cup)(2)
  • Mo vs The Scum (H)(2)
  • Robbo vs Wolves (H)

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Last season the goal of the season was, of course, the mighty Alisson Becker banishing Gravy Boat Sam to the shadow realm.

There have been some brilliant goals this season; both impressive individual efforts and terrific team goals. I have tried to avoid too much similarity in the choice of goals so Mo’s goal against Watford misses out in favour of his goal against Citeh, Hendo’s goal against AC Milan is in as opposed to his goals against the Bitters and Brighton. The goals listed are the ones I’ve chosen for the shortlist; if your favourite isn’t there then too bad :stuck_out_tongue: Everyone has three votes and must use all three votes. As far as player representation goes Sadio has 4, Mo has 3, Naby has 2, Hendo has 1, Trent has 1, Div has 1, Jones has 1, Harvey has 1, Jota has 1, Robbo has 1, and Thiago has 1. This makes for a total of 17 goals to choose from.

Gifs of all the goals in the poll:

1 - Mo vs Norwich (A)

2 - Mane vs Burley (H)

3 - Hendo vs Milan (A)

4 - Naby vs Palace (H)

5 - Jones vs Brentford (A)

6 - Mo vs Shiteh (H)

7 - Naby vs Spanish Burnley (A)

8 - Big Div vs PNE (A) (League Cup)

9 - Thiago vs Porto (H)

10 - Trent vs Newcastle (H)

11 - Harvey vs Cardiff (FA Cup) (H)

12 - Mane vs Norwich (H)

13 - Joel vs Leeds (H)

14 - Mane vs Shiteh (N)(FA Cup)(1)

15 - Mane vs Shiteh (N)(FA Cup)(2)

16 - Mo vs The Scum (H)(2)

17 Robbo vs Wolves (H)

Thiagos daisy cutter against porto has been voted the CL goal of the season and yet in the infinitely more prestigious TAN poll his goal is behind Mo, Joel, Trent, and Sadio; sitting level with about 6 other goals.

Gonna leave the poll open a couple of days longer, get your votes in, voice your opinion. Which goals were your favourites this season? Which goals do you think deserved to be in the poll but weren’t? How does the selection this year compare to Alisson’s goal of the season last year?

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Geezz… really don’t know which one to chose… :joy: in my book, there are at least eight goals deserving to get the title.

I think I go with Thiago’s. On the other hand… Mo’s against Abu Dhabi is out of this world. So is Mané’s against Burnley, Mo’s against the mancs… Joel’s forward run with that real striker’s goal, Trent’s against Newcastle, what a hit… Elliot’s against Cardiff…

Wow, a really vast array of choices!.. I still go with Thiago! :+1:

(My two other votes: Mo’s against Abu Dhabi, and Trent against Newcastle.)


Went with Thiago, Mane’s second vs City (brilliant assist and finish), and Salah vs City.

Salah vs Watford should also be on the list. The solo goal.


Salah’s goal in this to make it 2-0 was the best goal of the season, either that or his solo effort vs City