Good Ebening! - The Aston SeVillaReal Thread


Whooshhh… a massive step-up for him. I understand why he does it, even though it’s a high-risk job. On the other hand, it allows him to make the coveted step into the PL, with a good chance to establish himself at this level. I’ve no idea how well they are funded and whether they have a realistic chance to stay up, but it’s a massive club in terms of following and potential, and again, I can understand it, even though the Rangers bosses and his players might be a bit miffed about him leaving in the midst of the season.

Lack of loyalty? Maybe, but then again, we see that all the time in football, and not everyone has the same level of loyalty and clarity of intent as Kloppo. It was also clear that the Rangers were merely a further step in his career. He’s no boyhood fan of them or so, he was never going to stay there for a decade or so.

It’s ok, and I’ll be very curious if he manages to handle this challenge well enough to maintain them in the PL this season and beyond. Aston Villa have treated their former boss Smith in an abject way imo after all he did for them, so let’s see how it goes for Gerrard there.

I wonder how much of his backroom staff he’s taking with him? You’d think that Michael Beale would be crucial as well as a few others.



Poor Stevie, finally someone paid a fee for him.


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What’s the contract time…2yrs or 2 1/2 yrs…praps just in time for…

Don’t know why some have anointed him as our next manager to be honest.


A great move for him he gets to work with far better quality of players and much better competition, in Scotland beat Celtic and your champions, good luck Stevie.


I don’t think people have, but its not too much of a stretch to think that he would like the job and that he will be linked to it if he continues to do well in management.


And I have no qualms if he does well.

That’s key, Neil Lennon did well in Scotland.

I’m not sure I have seen anyone suggest he get the job based on his record in Scotland.


Djimi Traore and some punditry have.

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:rofl: hadn’t seen that :rofl:

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I dunno why I took such offence to it…

As much as I love Stevie we win a title as soon as he left the coaching role he had at Liverpool so it slightly concerns me :rofl:

To be fair to Djimi, he didn’t suggest that Gerrard should go straight to Anfield from Scotland. He said that it’s Stevie’s destiny to manage Liverpool Football Club.

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Even Stevie admitted in a presser I think last season that coaching Liverpool would be the “ultimate dream”. No need to deny that.


One good thing is it’s one less of a dickhead manager for Klopp to face.


leaving a club midseason always is a bit on the nose to me.

i understand the irony as many clubs sack managers midseason, and i understand theres always outliers to any decision that can sometimes justify upping stumps.

but Gerrard - it seems on the outside at least - had a job to finish at Rangers and had full confidence of the board and supporters.


Shows Ambition in my view.

And as you said who knows what happens in football he might slide down (unlikely) or have to pick someone more dicey come the end of the season, by doing so he may be caught in the upheaval and end never reaching the heights he could.

yeah, its not a black and white thing, i concede that.

its just not a great look.

ultimately if hes scared the Villa job or equivalant may pass him by and never return…what does that say…

either way, i wish him the best, apart from against us Obvs.

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