Good Tips and Ideas

Just a general thread for those life hacks and great ideas that we often come across. Keeping de-icer in the house not the car for example as it works better when warm.

But the reason for this is Risk. We’ve all played the game. Great but a pain in the arse with dice and pieces and setup etc. The app however is free and takes the headache out of the game. We were introduced to it by friends and now play a couple of games a night after dinner. You can finish a game in 20 mins, not 3 hours. Excellent maths / strategy skills for kids and so easy to setup and play. A highly recommended family friendly game brought upto date. The app’s on Apple and Android and cross compatible. Try it, well worth it :slight_smile: The free version does make you watch a 30 second vid for another game but a price worth paying. The app’s by Hasbro BTW.


When topping up screenwash, hold the container ‘upside down’ so that the hole is at the top, not bottom. That will enable a smooth flow rather than the gulping delivery that spills all over the place.

Same with milk, juice cartons etc.

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Yep, how to keep the cam cover on an UNO free of oil :slight_smile:


I read Good Trips and Ideas and thought it’s thread about travel.



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I love watching YouTube videos on how to fix various shit around the house. Mostly plumbing stuff. It feels like Neo downloading Kung Fu in the Matrix.

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