Help a Dad out!

Guys need some help and hoping this was the right place to post it.

I got a 5 year old son and a 3 year old daughter and am Desperately trying to get them interested in football and more so in particular all things LFC.

Whereas there is progress it is slow progress so wanted to have an area where you can post what you’ve done to “encourage“ your kids Into all things LFC.

How do I ensure the lineage continues - serious suggestions only - for me this is fucking life or death important.


I am hoping you can sense the desperation in my post

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The absolutely best thing you can do to make sure your kids hate football and LFC in particular is to try and force them to get into it :rofl:

My youngest is displaying a fondness for Chelsea, largely because they play in his favourite colour and his brother always insists on being LFC on FIFA. It’s OK, though. He’ll come around.


Ah fuck see….the only worse thing for me would be my kids being into football but supporting some other team.

That would kill me.

I almost feel that I need this

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Both probably still too young to ‘brainwash’ them :see_no_evil:

Make sure they start doing some kind of sport. Kids nowadays far more interested in computer games and bullshit like that.

Make sure they have a LFC kit for training even if it’s not football.


Tell them Father Christmas supports Liverpool and that’s why he wears our colours. If they don’t do likewise then he will never bring them presents ever again.


Both have had every LFC home shirt since birth.

The brain washing has 100% started. Both know More or less every word to YNWA.

I dunno about everybody else but I was about 6-7 (1993-ish) when I first realised about football.

A remember coming home from school one day, my dad picking me up and one of my mates had a football shirt - the black United SHARP VIEWCAM shirt (it really was a good football shirt and something I had never seen before).

Being a kid of that age I WANTED it. When my dad picked me up from school at 3.30pm I told him I wanted it, described it to him and thank God he knew better.

He took me to our local sports shop, which at the time in the South Wales Valleys was an local Indoor market and he bought me this GLORIOUS red football kit.

The LFC 1993/94 football shirt. The rest is history - I drank it up.

I need my kids to follow suite otherwise I’ll prob not have much to do with them :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Forcing a kid to do something is a surefire way of getting them to hate it as I have discovered. I have a 7yo who is not mine biologically yet I have been a father figure to him since he was born and his mom and I are together now (and had a baby boy 2 weeks ago). He is my son and I am his dad, end of. Anyway, he’s still not that interested but his team is Liverpool and the way I discovered that is simply that he sees my passion and drive for Liverpool and wants to be like dad. Kids often have that want to be like dad/mom. You can’t push them to where you want them to go but like in alot of things, setting an example of your passion and drive might just get them wanting to ‘be like dad’.

Good luck!,


Wake them up at a ridiculously late time to catch a ridiculous comeback in a champions league final, it’s what my dad did for me and it worked a treat


Here are a few suggestions.

Buy them a shirt which is in a colour they like. Unless they like Blue we have a fair number of different colour away shirts. My daughter for example has a purple Mané shirt because purple was a favourite colour, though as she is getting older yellow and black are also of interest.

While yours may still be a little young, as they get older make them think that being allowed to stay up and watch a match is a huuuuge treat. You could start with just the first half and move to the whole match as they age. It’s like when you were young and it reached 9pm and you tried to remain as still and quiet as possible to be able to watch some Quantum Leap, Twin Peaks or Red Dwarf.

Buy Liverpool related things that they might like but aren’t necessarily about football. E.g. my daughter had a HUGE LFC cushion before she was interested in football.

As they start to watch matches, make sure they understand it and talk about which players they like. The reason my daughter has a Mané shirt is because she think he’s adorable when he smiles. She also likes Salah for similar reasons and Alisson because he’s a bit hunky. At the world cup 2018 she was interested in watching in watching Senegal because i pointed out Mané. The viral senegal warm up video was also a big hit.

Above all kids do actually like spending time as a family. If you can make it a fun event that they can look forward to and not just 90 mins of swearing while hunched over a laptop, that’s a potential bonus.

Hope this helps.


Loving football, in general, or Liverpool, in particular, would be like falling in love. You can conjure up a magical evening, you can brew a love potion; but it will do shit. Love is magical and it will happen if it’s meant to happen.

Yeah, like others have already said, you force the kids to love something and they will treat it worse than going to the dentist or eating broccoli. My daughter isn’t into sports, but whenever she sees me watching football she will at least ask, dad, is it the team with the big red bird. I had a LFC screensaver when she was a toddler.

You can take them to games, be it in the neighborhood ground or at Anfield. You can ask them to watch a game on TV with you. You can buy them LFC kits. These scraps are not intrusive and can help you build a healthy relation.

In the end it’s all about passion, let the magic happen, let them fall in love.


Love this pal

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Big bad wolf threats do not work anymore these days?

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Photoshop an LFC kit on Father Chrismas…
tell em he watches every game on TV up in the North Pole :0)

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Most kids don’t have the patience to watch 90 minutes of football.

First you have got to get them to fall in love with the sport, and then fall in love with the club. For me the best way to get any kid to fall in love with football is simply playing kick around in the garden. Heads and volleys or something similar. They will simply love playing a game with their dad.

Next move onto other football related things. Maybe table football, panini stickers, video games (not FIFA, something more basic).

After a few years when they enjoy the sport, simply take them to the match. its an experience going to Anfield (irrespective of sex/age). Highlight young players. Exciting young players like Harvey Elliott. These are ones they are more likely to connect with (rather than old pro at end of career). Hopefully as that players careers flourishes your kids interest will also increase.

Finally register them for an account on TAN :wink:

World Cups and Euros are great for getting kids to enjoy football. As everyone is talking about it.


My mistakes!

Being a psycho when the game is on.
Being a miserable psycho when we lose.
Shouting at the TV like a psycho.

What I should have done:

Be a happy psycho regardless, and when you are getting to the unhappy stage, just remember all the trophies that Spurs and Bitters have won recently and :grinning:

If you have pets, they are a great gauge, if they avoid you when the game is on, then reflect on yourself.


Buy them an Everton shirt and make them watch that shower of sh*te next season wearing it.

Kids have brains and it will eventually tell them what is right/wrong. Don’t force it upon them.


Spot on!

If you try and force it, they will likely rebel against you in the most evil and heartbreaking fashion - supporting Everton, and does any father want that for their kids?

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Shouldn’t that be the first thing? :thinking:


I feel it’s like everything else. If you make an ‘event’ of it your kids will just don’t expect them to watch a 90 minute match. If you talk walk LFC they will talk walk LFC eventually. My kids got interested due to my emotion and rituals before during and after matches. Kids are curious they want to know why Dad is cheering, crying, cursing …
It’s like food if you and the missus like something to eat the kids tend to like it as well, in the end. The thing is is not to force it, it’s will get engrained in their culture.
Once other kids and friends start talking about football and sports in general so will they. Don’t expect your daughter to get involved like your son will. Mine when there’s a match went to her bedroomd as 90 minutes of a daft dad chomping on chips shouting at a tv just wasn’t her thing. Despite that she always asks who scored when the cheers go up knew when Gini had dissappeared and spread the word of LFC when people talked football.
The lads did me a great favor with my son back in 2005 that was so emotional what 10 year old kid could resist? He was already well on his way, would not wear any Football jerseys other than Liverpool (his favorite), Le Gres (His Club), England (His Fathers country), France (Our country and Algeria (His mothers country). Understand here in France football jerseys are fashion items even supporters of L’OM will put on a PSG Jersey :astonished:
So processus of patience, use the opportunities they present you, don’t ‘over’ do it, let them go off and do their own thing (it’s not a punishment it’s a passion). Get them involved in any sport they wish it helps build a link to other sports my son started with football but moved on to rugby, my daughter never got interested in playing any sport and still dissappears when matches are on just sticking her head in when the volume increases.
It’ll come if you are interested and you leave the door open to your kids they tend to follow!
Good luck! (They are still a bit young btw so don’t worry yet it’s when your son walks in with a Bitters shirt on you know you’ve done it all wrong).