Help for a fellow Red πŸ™

Hi folks, I’m an actor and fellow Liverpool fan here looking for some help to get in front of a producer for a job.

Could I ask that you click on the link below and hit the clap button on to help get me up the leader board. It’s not spam or any kind of Rick roll, just an honest ask for help :pray:

Appreciate the help folks, it Would really help a lot :slight_smile:


We’d be happy to help if you were a long standing member asking for a little help. Joining just to blag a like is poor form and I suspect will be treated as such.


I can’t see the link.

Can someone help me find the link?!?!?!


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I think there was a rule that you could only start a thread after a certain number of posts. Good old days.


I see what you are doing there @Iftikhar … You are β€˜flagging’ the post :0)

Thanksgiving Turkey GIF by Jo Koy

Heres the link, im sorry i thought it was already on there.


Saw the video.

My two pence , cents , paise etc

Don’t think you need to use the earthquake in turkey / syria etc or any other natural disaster for that matter to show your acting talent. It’s just me and my thought process about monetizing on a calamity.

But that said , all the very best to you.

Its a competition. I paid to enter via a donation to the relief fund. The prize is the person with claps likes gets a 1 on 1 with a top industry professional. Im not profiting from any of this?

Did hit the clap button as you’ve said you’ve donated to the relief fund.

Welcome anyway to the group. Hope you post more.

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Thank you it is part of a fundraising event :+1:

Just for clarification this is fundraising competition im involved with

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You actually have to ask? I’d give you an example but frankly, I can’t be arsed.

Thanks Dave

I have done so, since it has taken one minute out of my day to help someone out and cost me nothing.

Some people are very strange seeing this as a problem.

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I don’t see this as a problem, I see it as a person blatantly taking the piss and seemingly being rewarded for it by the gullible.

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