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It seems we don’t have a thread for this most important of topics, so I’m starting one.

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Yep, that looks like me.

I hate pretty much everything about this. I have ok knowledge, but just not the patience to do things properly. If brute force can work, I’ll do it myself. Anything else, especially anything where aesthetics are important, then Im paying someone.

Father was a carpenter when he was younger, built us a home in the 90’s. Brother picked it up, he builds high-rises and shopping malls now as a superintendant for a large company. Has been building his current home with my (retired) dad since last Oct, he’s doing his kitchen right now.

when I bought my current home (slab on grade), had to gut the entire basement to the exterior sheathing and rebuild it. new electrical, plumbing, flooring, insulation/drywall. I did most of the labor but have had to learn on the fly as I work in logistics/trucking.

Never do anything in wellies except splash in puddles, even then expect to see them get swallowed up and lose them. :rofl:

Super Nintendo Chalmers your brother by any chance! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hahahaha that’s funny shit.

Do you drive a Semmy-Truck?

Sorry gang, DIY is genetic for me. My sister got my dad’s insane musical ability but I got his ridiculous gift for creativity, construction and design. How’s last week’s project? 100kg screen over a 3m span.

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I can, but I don’t. My dad did, when he left carpentry he used to deliver trailerloads of milk for the dairy.

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When we bought our membership at our recreational property by Mt Baker, it had an old trailer on the site which we removed. Put in a new 36ft trailer, roofed it and built a 120ft room up against the side of it for more “living space”. Next will be a roof over the space designated for a deck/patio and outdoor cook station (for my future Blackstone) which will be tapped into the 250L tank which supplies propane to the trailer for heat/cooking.

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Not sure if this is the right thread to do it, but timely arrival if so.

Anybody here familiar with DIY home security systems? Looking at a basic, loud, in your face setup with motion and door sensors. So far I’ve found information on Ring (which I’d rather not get if possible because of Amazon), and Yale.

No need for smart features, just need something with PIR sensors that will not be triggered by animals, to make a really loud din if tripped. Definitely no need for video.

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Guys do continue to list down your credentials. In case our owners are so skint that we might need some volunteers to continue with the extension of Anfield.

Above a door … :rofl:

Yeah, above a door. It’s not in my house……… 70” advertising screen for your next visit :slight_smile:

So, I’m faced with my Mum’s attic, which could be a decent room, but has been neglected for years. There’s some nasty wallpaper that has to be removed. No experience with wallpaper or plastering. Any ideas?

Use a steamer but move it quickly as it can easily soak the plaster and cause it to fall off. Unless you’ve done it before, always pay a plasterer. A pro will do it in a 1/10 the time and it will look 400% better than you doing a one off job. Plastering is a proper craft, takes years to get good at it.

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I echo your sentiments. I’ve built an extension on my house, but plastering definitely takes time to master. Your job may look ok when the plaster is still wet but by Christ it looks awful after a few days. I’m quite comfortable framing, roofing, running leccy, plumbing etc (my dad was a leccy and i also helped build our family home when I was a youngster) but in hindsight, plastering is something I would definitely have got a pro to do. If you do it yourself, keep the curtains closed and use artificial light. Sunlight is your greatest enemy!


Plastering is the hardest DIY job to attempt on your own… It is definitely a two man job, but boy is it difficult to get a glass like look to walls and ceilings… First (and last) attempt I ever had at plastering/skimming… and the first neighbour through the door thought I had artexed a stipple pattern as a design feature… :0)

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I have had to do a few rooms at the lake property, just drywall and covering the seam tape. I firmly endorse this as in the category of worth paying for if that is an option. Lack of practice/skill makes a small job messy or slow, or both.

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