Ibrahima KONATE: 2022/23

Crouch comeback.

Konate is fine. The team has struggled all season long as the midfield has dropped off a cliff. The knock on has affected every part of the team.

Refresh the engine room so they are doing their job in the middle, and all of a sudden the defence will look a lot better. The attack too, for that matter.

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I’m going highlight Matip against Palace where he basically almost gifted Palace one goal to the point when it focused on Klopp his face gave me one of the best moments of the season as his face looked a mix of confusion and like WTF.

One player misses two to three games and we get selective.

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Biggest issue with Ibou is attendance. Other than that, he’s a fine player.


Only saw the second half but I thought Konate was brilliant. Strong, fast, good in the tackle, he was aware, and almost smuggled in a winner at the death.

Very good player indeed. Hopefully he stays fit as he is a rock.


A bit iffy early on but got better and better as game went on, I was actually celebrating his winning goal that never happened.

So nothing to do with drinking then. Racist? That’s some trope.


That was arguably the tackle of the season, at least from one of our players. Him on Xhaka. Aggressive, but clean, well timed, brilliant.

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Thought he was absolutely fantastic, everything he did today was with confidence and conviction, went for everything that was there to be won.

Sooner we sort out the problem at RB and get some proper protection in front of him, the better he’ll be, then he can just focus on defending his position and not have to worry about whats coming down the flank.

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Ibou Konate vs Arsenal

• 48/58 (83%) passes
• 73 touches (3rd)
• 2 shots
• 3/3 aerial duels (1st)
• 5/6 tackles (1st)
• 3 interceptions (1st)
• 8 recoveries (1st)
• 8 duels won (1st)


Thought this was amusing





When asked about Kone he said “who?”

Easily explained, I feel. Thuram must have a hot sister, Kone probably doesn’t.

He’s got his name permanently remembered by manhandling Fred a while back. The 0-5 match.

Love him. He’s probably our best defender now and needs some backup though

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