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Used to have some global politics thread and a breaking news thread? But cannot find it… so just opening one for any key global developments around the world outside of the main US or UK threads…


Myanmar just get taken over by the military after a coup detaining Aung San Su Kyi and the President, just 10 years after it abandoned military rule. Uncertainties again for the people and for my friends who have been there doing business for the last decade…


If you’re into irony:

Russian science - kill or cure?

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The Global Politics Thread has been deleted, apparently.

Anyone from Italy? Would Draghi be able to move Italy out of the crisis of the failed goverment?

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R.i.p a true hero


Groundhog Day.

Mother Earth is pissed at us.

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Just been scanning around and note there’s very little talk of what’s going on in India and the farmers protests - has there been much discussion on here?

Modi (the racist, grade A CUNT!!!) is casually preparing to cause a massacre I fear - and it won’t be for the first time that a Hindu nationalist drive is about to cause such atrocities. All the men in my mums extended family were brutally murdered in the 80s following operation blue star - they had tires put round there necks, filled with fuel, and set alight. My great uncle was one of them, a high ranking air force officer - didn’t really matter at all because he was Sikh and they were targeted.

Really makes me angry - rant over I guess - what can I achieve my moaning - I just pray (I’m an atheist btw!) that it doesn’t continue to get worst out there. But the government is using propaganda to make out the that the farmers are terrorists and the BJP followers seem to buy into that. Scary times.

Glad to see some international figures are beginning to get invovled (Rihanna, Greta etc) but it doesn’t seem to slow down this shambles of a govt.



I do hope your family/relatives have found some closure after all these years.

Indian opposition, including the valiant Lefts are broke. I think Canadian PM/FM also criticized.

They (my Nan, and the other remaining ladies in her family) haven’t really - how can you when your entire family (and name) is wiped away permanently. The current on-goings are only bringing it all back up for them.

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Not a post to like but having read what happened, horrific story. One day our society will shake the madness of racism, religion and war. Nothing I can say really except may time bring peace.

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No it won’t.

People are, always have been and always will be fuckwits.


I’ll remain an optimist and hope for a Gene Roddenberry view of the future. We survived the 60s, just need to sort out the middle east, China and Russia (Monday morning job before lunch) and we’re sorted. Well, plus a few others but a variation on the Golgafrincham B ark would see to that.

I’ll get round to the religion thread one of these days.

Oh my God, so sorry to hear this. I have heard the protests of the farmers in the news and on the international channels as well. I can’t stand Modi either, he another Trump like character.
We had some really great Sikh friends in Qatar. Their daughter was my good friend at school.

I remember one evening they were round our house, her mum telling my parents, that some of her nephews disappeared and were never seen again, this was also in the late 1980s. They were taken away by secret police or intelligence services and never heard of again or were tortured by the military. There many cases like this. It kind of stuck with me for a long time. I thought South American Junta did this sort of thing.


40 years on, and the same thing is happening in Bangladesh for some years now. I just don’t know how the families deal with this.

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Give it a go if you have the time.

It’s not any cooked-up fantasy.