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Tend to find Audi drivers the biggest arseholes on the roads tbh.

Audis then BMWs where I live. But if I’m honest most people seem to be asshole drivers these days.

Here it’s got to be 206 ok they don’t go very fast but they go fast enough for the twats in them to loose control and come off the road endangering pedestrians.

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Gotland is a mystery that is deeply fascinating.

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Personally, I’m more fascinated with Skane County :rofl:

" When SSB discovered that semen made a good invisible ink, his agents adopted the motto “Every man his own stylo”. However, the use of semen as invisible ink was ceased because of the smell it produced for the eventual receiver. It also raised questions over the masturbatory habits of the agents."

i feel educated and appalled :rofl:

last night’s snowstorm was a shitshow. know some people who left work to go home at 5pm and finally got home 2:30am. for a 40km drive.