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Those are all english terms.
In France someone who does that is ‘normale’ and a pain in the but!
Strange thing is is that French is so difficult noone is ever correct! :rofl:
It’s a pointless exercise.


RIP Pedantic Pete

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Yep, the German one is somewhat legit, Erbsenzähler, that’s a pedantic person in general, though I personally prefer to use ‘Korinthenkacker’ (currant shitter)

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I live in the French part of Switzerland, so that one is in use around my neck of the woods: Enculeur de mouche, literally sodomizer of flies… :joy:

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Proper old school engineer.

Hunt down he drawings he’s done. They are amazing.

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His latest. His videos are few and far between but it doesn’t detract from anything he does at all.

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Best mates their entire life to date… Anyone Know…?


Mascot and Klopptimist?

Puzzled and ‘I’m going to piss myself’.

Suarez on the left

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Nope… :0)
If Suarez is on the one side of an extreme likeability scale with LFC fans…
the kid on the left has grown up to be on the exact opposite side of likeability with LFC fans

Looks like Arteta and Alonso


Yep best mates since for ever apparently

Deserves to be here as wsell as this stuff is pure gold

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With the season that we are having I don’t see this as bad news :joy:

A typical drunk human would have walked off with the cone on its head.

No Way!!! :exploding_head: