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Henderson had a really good season at Sheffield United but when under the microscope at Man Utd seemed to borrow the positional sense of Onana.

Yeah but Onana is brilliant with his feet
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Wild stat

Neymar is now (sort of) Brazil’s top scorer with 79 goals. The player who has provided him with the most assists in that time is Oscar, someone who only played for Brazil for 4 of Neymar’s 13 years in the team and not since 2015. The number of assists he is credited with is 5.

You could see that coming three passes ago. Really lazy play to let the give-and-go player to receive

Dorival Junior iz Brazil’s new head coach.

Argentina still hasn’t named a replacement for Lionel Scaloni.

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It looks like we will have 14 players involved in internationals during the upcoming international break.

Most of the 14 will be playing in Europe only but Elliot and Quansah will be going to Azerbaijan. Endo will be playing in Japan and North Korea, Nunez in Spain and Ivory Coast, Diaz in Colombia and Spain, and Macca will be in Argentina for both games.

Here’s hoping that nobody needs any treatment when they come back.


They shouldn’t be in the u21 squads and would like the club to have done something about this earlier.

Are all the games friendlies, or are some of them competitive?

Sorry, I don’t follow international football and only care about how it affects us.

Endo’s playing in World Cup qualifiers but I think all the others friendlies. I suppose the purpose is to allow national teams to prepare for the Euros and for whatever is happening in South America in the summer.

The England U-21 games are not friendlies; they’re qualifiers for the next U-21 Euros.

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Thanks La :wink:

Hopefully that means less intensity and fewer minutes.

Not sure if the NT break will be a good thing or a bad thing for our squad. It’s clear that some of the players need minutes to regain their sharpness, but it’s also obvious that some of the players can do with a bit of a rest.

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Harry Kane - A legend in his own living room
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Watched the highlights of the Netherlands vs Scotland game. There were some terrible defending from the Dutch and resulting misses were even more terrible.

Why’s he waiting for a bus?

I was watching the fucking game and it still took a minute to realise what Flashscore was talking about.

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