IOS and Darkmode -Theme not changing

I was testing new features to be implemented next week :shushing_face: and I experienced an issue that seemed to be affecting some users.

On an iPad with IOS 13 it has a built in night/dark mode. (That on my wife’s iPad automatically comes on at night).

It a great feature, but it means that skins developed will look different on The Anfield Noise. All themes become dark themes that don’t look all that different. (However some don’t look great with logo).

If you are having trouble changing theme, make sure your IOS is not overriding the theme. :wink:

I’ve got the latest iOS (updated this morning for COVID tracking) and dark mode; I think the forum looks superb on my iPhone, in a charcoal grey with subtly coloured touches.

I’d certainly recommend that users try out the different themes in the hamburger menu to see which one they like best.

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Some look good, but if it opens on desktop mode on the default skin the logo does not look great, nor the footer.

It’s going to be something for my todo list.

Big upgrades happening next week.


Yep, good pick up. Seems like that’s an issue for me.