Joël MATIP: 2021/22

Joël’s missus wouldn’t like her hand there :joy:

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Joel Matip has had more touches in the opposition penalty box (11) than Harry Kane (10) so far this season


I haven’t been impressed by Matip in his last 3 games, seems to not only have ball watching moments but also star gazing moments. He doesn’t look to be in a good place atm. I’d start reintergrating Gomez into the team, up the agression, tackling and reaction!

Gomez looked a bit rusty last night.

Gomez’s defending for Porto’s goal last night wasn’t great either. Showed the areas he always needed to improve. For now, I think Matip is going nowhere. Unless there’s an injury or us resting him for a game or two here and there to prevent one.

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Bit unfair really, he had 2 players to pick up.

Fabinho was slow and lost the 2nd ball.
Robbo again was miles away from the crosser.

It’s nit picking but they are how Brentford scored and collectively we need to be better. City will rip us to shreds if we don’t.

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To be fair, he’s defending that cross as a full back and not as a centre back. It’s always going to be tough to get ball side of the attacker. You basically in ‘do enough to put him off territory’ and that always a bit of a coin toss.

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On paper, he was a full back, but he had enough time during that action to defend his man/area better than he did. He’s good, he’s fast, he’s good on the ball, but defending deep he needs to improve. It’s not all about technique and pace, there are also defensive qualities (not saying he’s got none). No big deal, it’s nothing new really. When he’s out of the team, perhaps it’s more evident. He also had top periods for us. But even in those, it was always clear what are the parts of his game he needs to improve next.

Defensively to me he looked strong and agressive, of course he is a bit rusty that’s why I said reintegrated and not straight in. As it stands i think Gomez would be a better partner than Matip atm.
We need to buy VVD some time and that star gazing isn’t helping.

No not really he had the far post covered came in agressively to the center and was unlucky not to get his head in. No way was that a poor attempted intervention particularly for a player who used to be criticised for his heading ability, he’s come on leaps and bounds in that domaine, add to that his aggressivity he looks a better candidate for CB than Matip atm.


Did Shaq leave his sofa behind? :thinking:

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Virgil van Dijk on Joel Matip:

“He’s a special, special character and we all appreciate him. Not only for his qualities - he’s an unbelievable defender – but as a human being. He’s how everyone should take life – very easy, be nice and put things in perspective.”


Joel Matip: “This is my sixth year at Liverpool and, looking backwards, it feels like it has gone in the blink of an eye. I am already five years here and you get connected. You feel this amazing club even if you walk through the city.”

“There are so many Liverpool supporters around the world that you just feel how big the club is and how many people love the club in their own special way. You just feel part of a really special thing. I hope to enjoy the next years here.”


Confirms that Virgil is not running that account. Or is he posting on the pitch? :stuck_out_tongue:

No wonder…

That was a pretty poor first half tonight. We’ll see if he plays his 3rd game this week on Sunday.

More a very mixed bag imo. At times excellent at others the biggest dope ever. The biggest dope ever justifies your stance, he wasn’t the only one that looked half asleep at times in the 1st half but a CB can not afford to switch off like that and should be criticised.

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