Julian Ward: Sporting Director

I can confirm it’s me.

I’ve got my excel spreadsheet full of players.

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This is such a weird lateral move. Is his salary at Ajax gonna be higher than ours? If not, the work at Ajax is gonna be harder than what he has here…

People move jobs for many reasons. Change of environment, move to a new country, for family reasons, stress level and salary might not be the only reasons.

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Yeah it’s a concern - is there something negative going on behind the scenes or did he and Klopp just not see eye to eye?

I don’t know, bruh…He has been here for nearly a decade…

If it is not seeing eye to eye with Klopp, it is not so much of a worry. But if it is a problem with the processes within the club, then it is a huge issue…

Who knows the reasons.

We can’t expect all the people to remain here for an equal period of time. Or to follow Klopp all the way until 2026 or whenever. They have their own situations, motivations, timings, etc.

Main thing for us is to keep going, not lose too many people in a short space of time and find new ones.


Yes although the fact it says he starts 1st of July seems a strange date unless we have the replacement lined up?

Still got my fingers crossed for Edwards… Gordo, Eddie and Kloppo ride again!!

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No one wanted him a year ago and now people are pissing themselves over him leaving.

If there isn’t a daily cloud some people are unhappy.