Jürgen Klopp: The Bossest of Bosses

I’d had like to have seen Mourinho try that vile eye poking thing he did to Villanova(RIP) with Klopp. Jurgen would have knocked him the fuck out

2 things in response,

  1. You can get as angry or ‘passionate’ on the forum as you like but it won’t make a blind bit of difference to the club or players on the pitch.

  2. Again extremes, Angry or a robot. Your style of discussion is childish.

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Before i post, I love jurgen and i think he is the best thing to happen to our club since dalglish in the 80’s. And given funds in the summer he can get us back


In general ,the football we have been playing this year on a whole has been tippy tappy crap, pass around the defence and midfield with no urgency, then when we get near the opposition goal we then get a fucking nose blead and the final ball is shit!!, seen this too many times this season! Boring to watch, yes we get the 7:0 against man u and you think we are back, but the Bournemouth and real madrid game (although it was already lost but no fight or ideas) brings you back down to earth!
I hope we can finish top 4, and really belived we could after the Man u game, but after the Bournemouth result i dont think we will, we are too fragile in mind, confidence is broken, and intensity in our game has gone, to cut a long story short the personal klopp needs to execute his game plan is not there!

I agree with a lot of that. Refresh the team and hopefully we rise up again. The engine room is broken and the team has struggled along.


I mean he is German so…

Racism thread :wink:

Could describe an Aussie :kissing_heart:

Didi Hamman is really getting on my nerves. He hardly says anything nice about LFC ever since Jurgen he has been at LFC.

I agree with @RedOverTheWater, that he seems to have a vendetta against Jurgen. He seems so jealous of him. I know Didi was part of ‘the team’ in that 2005 CL final and we have to laud him. Besides that, I really don’t like him at all now. He is sounding like a envious, bitter, delusional, miserable, grumpy old git, who thinks he is still relevant!


He’s not good enough to be a git.

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There are more headlines and attention to be gained from saying something negative or controversial than saying something nice or positive.

Chris sutton will vouch for this


My understanding is when Klopp took the Liverpool job Didi asked to be part of the coaching set up and was told no… been a bitter fucker since.

Never heard of that and doubt there is any truth in that.


Good for you.

Hamann and Sutton might as well team up with Jim White and Simon Jordan. Another couple of grade A shit stirrers

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I’m sure that when he signed his new contract, he never would have guessed the club would be in it’s present predicament. Would he have signed if he had? Probably, as his affection for LFC is clear and always has been since he arrived.

It is true. I heard that Jürgen turned Didi down because Gabby Agbonlahore had made a gentleman’s agreement to come in as Jürgen’s assistant. But then he changed his mind at the last minute and took the slot at ‘Talkshite’. A fella in the pub who knows John Achterberg’s barber’s Sister in law told him. :+1::nerd_face:


Is this the comedy thread :rofl:

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Every thread is the comedy thread at the moment :eggplant: