La Liga discussion

Good old Atletico.

6-1 in the first game, followed by two 0-0’s and 3 shots on target in those two games.

End result? They’ll still finish in the top 3/4 and be about 20 points of the league leaders.


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The only target for Atletico is to finish in Champions League position, it’s been like this for years.

Yeah, but that’s the bottom line. You’d expect them to be closer to the main two, who are not so great lately. I think it will soon be time for Atletico and Simeone to part ways and for both sides to find a new challenge. Especially from Cholo’s part. Not sure if they’ll win the league again together and apart from a few CL finals, it’s not like they were really close, even though over two legs, they remain a tough nut to crack.

Absolutely. Should have already. I think they are holding each other back.

One of Barca’s rare top examples in last years.

Real trailing against Cadiz, at home :joy: . Ramos kicks at a player and gets just a yellow :rofl: .

just got a stream,where’s the game being played at? Real at home in pink!?

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I thought La Liga games are shown on Facebook??? Never tried though. Yeah, no clue about the pink dresses :slight_smile: .

Real again struggling when only 1 piece of their central midfield is missing and they have to flip things?


The stadium is where Castilla,Real’s reserve team plays.Cadiz playing well would imagine a dodgy pen is coming up soon only 15 minutes to go.

Cadiz win,bench celebrate like a cup final.

2 shots on target, 1 in every half.

4 substitutions at half time.

#worldsgreatestmanager :joy:

Why weren’t they playing in their regular venue?

internet says stadium work while there’s no fans allowed.

Getafe just gone 1 up on Barca.

New contracts at Barca: Stegen 2025, Pique 2024, Lenglet 2026 and Frenkie 2026.

Pique will be 38 when his contract ends. :joy:

He can then go back to Man U on a free and still be their best defender.

Man U won’t buy the players they have let go for free. 100 MN even though if it’s a year earlier.

Gonna be an interesting Barca v Real Madrid tomorrow. Zidane has more to lose if they don’t step up.Goalfest?

Pedri starts instead of Griezmann for Barca.

Modric on the bench for Real, Valverde starts in their midfield trio.