La royauté européenne en route pour Paris

I couldn’t find a thread (admittedly my search was the equivalent of a Man look) about fans travelling to Paris.
I thought it would be good if people could offer advice on how they are making the journey. Additionally, if there are any potential travel/accommodation, options/cancellations that others may benefit from. Spare seats in cars, coaches, planes, etc.
Also, any recommendations on where is best to gather, watch the game.

If there is a thread on this please delete.


Is Rush Bar still kicking?

That’s where I used to go watch our games when I was living in Paris, but that was 2007 to 2010. I met a few aggro English there, but it was usually a good crowd. Whilst the rest of you enjoy the Torres bounce, I forever hear it with a weird (but charming) Parisian lilt.

Still trying to work out getting to Paris for Friday, but I’m 50/50.

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I had a Hotel reserved in Paris through Booking. Com. I went to pay yesterday and they have cancelled my reservation and resold my room - at an inflated price!!

We are driving down early Saturday, not sure where we will be drinking.