Last Man Standing Competition - Fundraising Drive

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I’m involved in a fundraising drive to save the last remaining green space available to local children in my estate. The local planning authority have approved development on the last tiny parcel of green used by children to play and after 6.5 years of objecting the only option is a costly legal one (€45,000).

Myself and a few residents have decided to try take the fight to those who are meant to be charged with building fair and sustainable communities for all. All unused money or awarded back from court case will go to a local Suicide prevention charity and the main Children’s hospital in Dublin.

I’ve set up a last man standing completion and due to the COVID restrictions everything is online from entry to team selections. It’s €10 entry with €300 to the winner (via revolut, PayPal, Cash in Post). I understand its a tough time for majority of people at the moment and some more worthy charities out there so no hassle if you don’t fancy it or not in a position to do so. :+1:

If anyone enters ill post the list of players and teams selected each week here (note there is a number of people already entered 50+)

Ok how to enter:

  1. Go to the following link which explains everything

  2. Enter your entry details and €10 at the following link

  1. Once donation made follow the original link and scroll down, enter the same details as above, pick a nickname and your first team selection

Teams can only be selected until this Friday and I will post a link to a website where all entries and team selections can been followed as well as posting anyone who enters teams here.

Cheers :+1::muscle: