Legendary/Classic TIA Threads

This one must definitely be considered legendary.


So it’s not forgotten


There was another post, I don’t recollect from whom. It stated something on lines of savoring the moment and preserving it in a bottle after one of our wins and remember it when the times will be bad. Anyone by any chance recollect that post?

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.

I certainly won’t forget the bizarre plagiarism from the OP.

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Flipped back to the 1st page

Three SMTM posts, all just GIFs

Quite how anyone claims he was missed by that place I will never know.

All I really remember is how hard he campaigned for us to sign Victor Moses. A year or two later we got him on loan and, well… :joy:

Have TIA archived our threads?

@ISMF1 will be able to confirm, but I don’t believe so, no.


TIA didn’t, but I have 20 gb of TIA downloaded on an hdd.

I have had less time recently but when I get a chance I will upload it.


No worries. Just curious. Take care.