Liverpool FC Match Tickets Rd2

For all you local lads, what is the ticket process like nowadays? I’m looking to try to attend my first LFC match at Anfield…due to COVID I got fucked back in April 2020. Me and the wife had 2 tickets through hospitality and BAM…the world came crashing down on us.

How would one obtain 2 tickets for a match in May? I’m willing to pay a boat load just because I don’t know if I will be back at Anfield again.

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A quick glance at the website has hospitality tickets available in may, just book through the website

Well shit…why the F did I not get a notification via email LFC! Thank you!

I literally just booked 4 for the spurs match in may yesterday. The website won’t have more than single seats or if you’re lucky you can find two. I went with one of the official resellers of the hospitality package from the Liverpool website. I know touts and scamming are big but I can pm you the name of the website I used but it was definitely off the legitimate partners

Yeah, I’ll probably just go the hospitality route again even tho you have to pay about $500 a ticket.

The legends game is on this Sat afternoon and I’m taking my daughter to her first game. Does she need her own device to load NFC pass on? She doesn’t have her own smartphone yet because she’s too young. Could I load 2 NFC passes on my own smartphone? Sorry if it’s been asked before…

Yes you can mate assuming you’re already linked on the 1 account, the passes will be stored on your device in the wallet sat on top of each other so once you’ve passed the turnstile using the barcode under your name, tap the pass with her name and pass over the phone to her.

Is that you @Sithbare

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