Liverpool Football Club - A Guide


I thought that we could have a thread where we could post interesting bits of information about Liverpool, its roots, history, traditions, crests, connections to other clubs, songs, banners etc. Basically a thread about the club’s legacy.

I’ll start off with a picture of Spioenkop courtesy of

There’s a golden sky
The Kop

(@Broomy would do this so much better than me!)


Can’t thank you enough for that pic. That sort of scenery never ceases to amaze and tug my heartstrings and the fact that there is such a tangible link to the very roots of the Club makes it all actually quite hard to put into words. It might be quite a difficult thing to understand for anyone without my peculiar outlook in life and never having been here and I really can’t quite express it to be completely honest.

I’d highly recommend anyone to someday come to this land and go to Spionkop and then do the Battlefields route as well. The landscape in summer is sere and hotter than Satan’s armpit but then at sunset (or sunrise) the scene alters to what you see above with the most incredible light that changes the land from harsh and forbidding to one of undeniable beauty full of memory that has to be seen to be believed with the sense that it is older than time and will be here long after we ourselves have returned to the dust.

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