Liverpool Player of the Season 2023/24

While its been a rough season and a rough 18months for the world. there’s been a few standout players, who would be your Most Valuable Player?

Personally despite the lack of goals thIS season, I’m still very happy, because through it all we kept playing Liverpool football, ALL SEASON LONG. some of you may feel different, if you do Just look at the stats from each match this season and compare them to the last 2 seasons before this.

YOU HAVE UP TO 2 VOTES, .and yes I included jurgen klopp

  • Salah
  • Mane
  • Firmino
  • Jota
  • Shaqiri
  • Fabinho
  • Henderson
  • Alcantara
  • Milner
  • Wijnaldum
  • Jones
  • Oxlade-Chamberlain
  • Keita
  • Alisson
  • Adrian
  • Alexander-Arnold
  • Phillips
  • Robertson
  • Jurgen Klopp
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  1. Mo Salah.
    Has missed plenty, but scored plenty too, and those goals have kept us in the hunt for top four at the time of writing as we kick off at Burnley.

  2. Diodo Jota
    Bit patchy due to injury, but the quality very much there, and a genuine high level option for the front three, which we have needed.

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I just went with Klopp, by far the most important piece in the jigsaw. Take that away, and everything else crumbles.

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No Ben Davies? :scream:


He’s been more prominent for us than you have 'round here! :wink:

Hope you’re getting your enthusiasm back, mate!

I went for Alisson and Jurgen. What those two have been through this season from a personal point of view and then having to deal with everything else on top…nobody else comes close to what they have represented throughout this period.

I wish I had more votes because I would have liked to vote for Nat Phillips as it’s just such an incredibly uplifting human story, during a period of otherwise overwhelming hardship, tragedy and despair both in terms of things going on around us but also the fortunes of our club. He’s been a totem.

Other signs of optimism have also emerged this season. Jota, of course, then also seeing Thiago grow into his surroundings and start to absolutely boss it on the pitch. Trent rediscovering his mojo. Harvey Elliott lighting up the Championship. Hendo being such a magnificent leader of men both on and, particularly, off the pitch.

Hopefully we’ll secure our place in the Champions League next season. Reset. Then smash it out the park and reclaim the title stolen from us by those cheats in Manchester - so that next year we can finally have the long awaited victory parade and celebrations that have been denied to us.


MVP… have we all become American now?

What’s wrong with Player of the Season?


I agree! I can’t edit the opening post but I can edit the title of the thread! :slightly_smiling_face:


Has to be Mo - not saying that I liked most of his performances. Many games where he played as bad as others but still managed to score.

My second vote would go to Andy Robbo. Again performance wise a bad season but I am pretty sure he played most minutes, played through the pain and fatigue and never complained.


Can’t look beyond Mo. Without him we’d be mid-table. Genuine world class player.

Then went for Andy Robbo. In a season where everyone has had injuries, his ability to go, and go, and go again has been invaluable.


Mo because despite having a ‘quiet’ season by his standards he’s still joint top scorer. Any team in the world would smash their piggy bank to sign him but he’s ours!
Fabinho - Thrown into central defence almost immediately, did a superb job more often than not, never moaned once, and in the games when he did play in his role we “won 23 points out of 27. The four points dropped in that time are when he temporarily went back to centre back”. An absolute colossus for us.


Can’t see any further than Alisson…!
A once in a generation goal to put us on the verge of reclaiming CL next season
Storybook tales at their best :0)

Amazed there’s not more votes for Robbo. Hasn’t been his best season but comfortably our most consistent player. Rarely put a foot wrong, second only to Mane on the assist front and pretty much the only continuity we’ve had at the back all season.

Despite buying Tsimikas he’s played almost every game going as with all the disruption around him it’d have been almost impossible to rest him.

Others have had better periods of form but for consistency in the face of endless changes next to him and the challenges that brings he gets my vote.

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In my opinion, Robbo was up until Xmas one of the only players who kept up their level of performance from the previous seasons. Since then, he has frustrated me, especially with his distributions. He has seemed a-bit more himself last 2/3 games.

Player of the Season in my opinion has to be Fabinho, he has been our most consistent player and operating in two positions.

Saying that, i must applaud Nat Phillips and i expect him to voted by the team as player of the year.
His contribution to the team has been important and his step up this season from being a squad player at best, to being a reason for some of our results is remarkable.
I appreciate he has faults in his game but his honesty and effort as a football player is what -in recent years - has been lost from the Premier League.

So for that reason, I would go with Nat Phillips and I would be completely made up for him!!

My votes were for Salah and Robertson. The reasons are that Salah has always offered threat despite being very up and down and mostly out of form. But even so, crucial. Sure, Jota has had a higher ceiling this season concerning skill, but Salah has been the more important and reliable piece.

Robertson, because during a season where a lot have gone against us and we have had bad rhythm and shabby form, Robertson offers a fight always and his lowest ceiling is for instance far higher than TAA’s (who on the other hand maybe has a higher top ceiling all in all, though not this season).

So yeah, those are my reasons, although I kind of wanted to vote like @Kopstar . But honestly, on pitch performance alone, outside stuff aside, I am comfortable with my vote (Fabino is also one of our better performers this season, but you only get so many votes). As for the player with the nicest “story” and development, that’s Phillips. He will become a top player I think with time.

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Without Salah’s goals and Fabinho’s ability to play both DM and CB we’d be finished so these two get my votes.


Without Nat, we are bang out of CBs again and without Fabinho we don’t have a proper DM or grip on midfield.

For most of the others, we had a senior player who could slot in… so for me those two are the Most Valuable Players.

Mo Salah though… was our best player (probably our player of the season if that is what player of the season is supposed to mean).

I am American! @DublinRed streaming in from Noo Yawk citeh.

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My favourite place in the world to visit. We can discuss Liverpool’s player of the year over a slice in Joe’s on Bleecker Street in Manhattan next time I’m in the area!

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Jürgen Klopp: Few questionable subs and lineups but was not supported one bit by the owners throughout the season and managed to get us to 3rd place. A hero to our club. We would be fucked without this man.

Mo Salah: Goals, Goals, Goals. Although I think he could offer more in the build up, but his goals got us 3rd place. Again, we would be fucked without this man.


Alisson: 42 games (33 in PL), 3780 mins, 15 clean-sheets. He was generally solid and considering his family tragedy and the goal against WBA, he gets a solid 8/10.

Kelleher: Five games, two clean-sheets. Can’t do any better than that as a young, inexperienced, backup keeper. He is an 8/10 in my book.

Adrian: Six games, three clean-sheets. The fact that Kelleher got his games means Adrian didn’t do his best. Still did a decent job, 6/10.

Trent: 45 games, 3835 mins. Bit of an underwhelming season, by his own high standards, understandable; given the exhaustion and that bout with COVID. 7.5/10.

Robertson: 50 games, 4319 mins. Played in all PL & CL games and was substituted just twice. Wasn’t that menacing like in the previous seasons, so he ends up with a paltry 7.5.

Kabak: 13 games, 1124 mins. Took time to settle down and had some nervy games. Very assured in the later games. 7/10

Philips: 20 games, 1724 mins. Bolton Baresi to the rescue. Honestly, where would we be without his assured, level-headed performances, and scored a blinder too. 8/10.

Williams: 19 games, 1350 mins. A bit underwhelming than his partner, had some forgettable moments; still, a man’s performance from a kid. 7/10.

Fabinho: 42 games, 3434 mins. Assured in defense and awesome in midfield. For another season, The Lighthouse shone on the way through some turbulent water. 8/10.

Wijnaldum: 51 games (all 38 in PL), 3922 mins. The one who will not return. Made of steel, heart of gold.

Henderson: 28 games, 2114 mins. Led by example, till he got injured. 9/10.

Milner: 36 games, 1752 mins. The Elder used his wits and limbs when things were dire. 8/10.

Thiago: 30 games, 2203 mins. Took his time to find his rhythm. In the last 10 games he was absolutely orgasm. 8/10.

Curtis: 34 games, 1920 mins. Nothing special, just a kid silently and steadily working his way up the ladder. Great things await, great things. 7.5/10.

Salah: 51 games, 4178 mins. A one-trick pony, a one-season wonder doing his usual stuff. Always available and pleasurably productive. 9/10.

Mane: 48 games, 3719 mins. Toiled hard throughout the season, though will underwhelming returns. Lost the nerve around the end. Regained composure and finished with aplomb. 7.5/10

Bobby: 48 games, 3372 mins. Toiled hard throughout the season, though will underwhelming returns. But the jives are back, the smiles are back, and the goals are back too. 7.5/10.

Jota: 30 games, 1763 mins. A great audition of wonderful things to come. 9/10.