Liverpool Youth Teams Thread

I still reckon we see Spearing play for the first team somehow. Just the type of thing to happen in the cup. Maybe off the bench lol.

But Stefan will always play over Spearing he’s better atm anyways but imo even if he wasn’t as good, he still would play as Spearing is a coach before a player and if he plays it’s to give us numbers due to injuries etc. he’s not there to take gametime away from proper academy players

Not sure tbh. I’m sure they got a day off or two. Would say training went normally with the talent group picked by Matos. That group contains the best u21s btw

Stewart 1-0, chambers assist.

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Nat, Arthur and Fabio played the full 90 also

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"I supported Man City growing up, but the more I read and learned about Liverpool and the longer I’ve been there, the more you realise just how special the club is.

“It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life.”

James Balagizi on swapping City for #LFC.


Liverpool still making efforts to sign 15 year old Ethan Nwaneri from Arsenal. He’s on the bench for the first team today at Brentford.

There was a big push for him in the summer.

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He’s just come on! Bet that wasn’t happening if we were favourites!

Hewitson, Stephenson, Bajcetic, Olufunwa, Norris, Corness, Arthur, Cain, Blair, Stewart, McConnell.


Kelly, Pinnington, Gyimah, Koumas, Jay Spearing, Hayes Green.

What a world we live in

Rochdale 1-0, 82 minutes,
Olufunwa sent off second yellow but penalty saved.

Finished 1-0 wasn’t really a great game imo bar the last 10 or so minutes and first few of the half’s.

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Doak, does look promising. What I like about him - admittedly from limited footage - is how simple he makes the game look. Run through and assist, run through and score. I know it is not as simple as that and there is a natural knack/talent to this, which at times can not be taught but I do love players who make the game so simple and so I will watch with interest.
N.b. I was going to waffle on about Fowler (my first footballing hero) and how he made the game look so easy. Just stick the ball in the net.
N.b. #2 I probably have just waffled…


Must be something behind the scenes imo