Liverpool Youth Teams Thread

U18 trashed 8-1 by charlton earlier in pl cup.

Liverpool U 21 V Wolves U 21

Mrozek, Stephenson, Quansah, Jonas, Norris, Cain, Corness, Clark, Frauendorf , Stewart, Musialowski.


Cannonier, Kelly, Chambers, Doak, Spearing.

Stewart hatrick and a brace for Cannonier in 5-0 victory.

What even happened. The lineup wasn’t even that bad

Weird one, a few players rested but not enough to explain that manner of defeat. Youth football can be like that sometimes, it’s rare but doesn’t take too much to turn a 3-0 into a 5-0 etc


Suppose youngsters mentality is not fully developed to keep their heads after conceding a few. Especially us who are usually good aren’t used to losing bad so then to have a full collapse as result

V rangers
Davies, Miles , Jonas , Chambers,

Jonas red card 2-3 at the moment.
Cannonier 2, Frauendorf 1 goal

What happened with this?

I don’t know just put it on. 3-3 now

I think he dragged down the striker

3-4 Doak wait until you see this goal wow

This Oakley Cannonier kid 1 to watch out for then?

Doak former celtic player wins it for Liverpool :rofl:

No Doak is the one!

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He fit enough to go 180 mins in 1 night?

Brought down the attacker last man so was a red

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Dancing with the stars or should I say star featuring Ben Doak.

Even the Lino stopped to block the sun out to get a better look. My guy.

Why can’t we have some exciting (and durable) midfielders in our youth ranks.

Terrible defending, as a certain former player would say.

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