Loan Watch: 2022/23

I’d like to think if we were spending 40m on a player, it wouldn’t be on a kid with limited experienced who isn’t good enough to get into our squad? This really only comes into the equation if he somehow manages to work his way into Klopp’s plans next season.

From Liverpool’s perspective it’s clearly been about making a profit back on players we knew weren’t at the level the club sets out…Neco Wilson Brewster Kent etc, were all loaned with the intentions already clear we’d profit from it.

I don’t see that being any different with Sepp.

Totally agree. The very objective of sending a player out on loan is to ensure his continued development by giving him regular competitive games.

Sepp could make the jump from a mid-level Championship side to one of the leading leagues is because he developed during his time at Preston. The 40-odd games Elliott played for Blackburn definitely helped him becoming a regular for us now.