MacOS Users - A question

Installed windows 10 with bootcamp on my mac. The thing is that i want to keep macOS as my default operating system but when i do that , windows doesnt start when i use the option key to shift between the OS.

Anyone else facing the same issue ?

I can’t help as not really a Mac user. But if you can’t fix it consider using parallels

I installed it on my parents M1 Mac (as you can’t boot camp on newer systems ) and I was impressed by how well it works

Used bootcamp to dual boot a macbook pro in a school years ago with Windows 7. I flatter myself I’m quite good with computers. Would have been better to just buy them a cheap baby laptop. Nothing but trouble. Drivers… You CAN make it work but is it worth the effort? Wasn’t in my case. Although it is still running after lots of work.

Always preferred using a Virtual Machine (VirtualBox) myself, though your rig might struggle depending on how old it is.

It’s a 2015 rig which I’m repurposing for my kid. Didn’t want to spend money on parallels. And windows 10 is kinda free (even if you dont activate it)

Anyway problem sorted. I’ll ask him to press the option key to boot to Windows…

Wanted it to default boot into windows but that doesnt happen.

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The major issue is the school curriculum. Its tailored around the windows operating system / ms word etc.

Also dont want my kid to get too used to MacOS just in case he has to use Windows in future when Schools resume.

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Osx has LibreOffice which is pretty much opensource MS Office. Opens all the same file extensions.

Yeah. Aware of that. Thats and google docs are what i use (cause of my stingy company)

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