Manchester City* - vile, cheating oxygen thieves

All discussion relating to our charming friends from Manchesteh and their legitimate big team in here please.

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That Laporte kid just can’t catch a break.

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True,but he certainly gets a lot of other injuries


I’m very tempted to alter the thread title to Cheaty instead of City… :upside_down_face:


Go on, I approve it!

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I’ve just done it :joy:


The “I love Jaffod’s posts here” thread.

Foden (andGreenwood) kicked out of England squad for breaking COVID guidelines.

Second time Foden the Thick has done this.


£75m is a lot for a player nearly in his 30s with no prem experience. Serie A is much slower.

Very unfair thread title.
We all know they were found to be “innocent”.

The English little City darling… Is a complete little cunt… Who would have thought it in that cunt club.


Thread title should include reference to their big European win.

There seems to be a real culture of procurring escort girls/prostitutes/slags amongst Abu Dhabi’s squad. Even ex-players like Yaya Toure are making it known they can provide flange to any interested party’s. Vile little club.


What about ‘Man Cheateh’?

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I feel a little sorry for him to be honest. 18 is no age to be a father and I can imagine the wrong sort of girlfriend at that age may seek a baby as a way of staying connected to his world. Lets face it how many of us have had the perfect girlfriend for us first up? All the attention and money just make starting and ending relationships that much harder IMO for a young lad.

That all said the fucker plays for citeh!


I see nothing wrong in it. It’s his business if he wants to spend his money on call girls, alimony, child support and lawyer’s fees. Then there’s the inevitable drug use no City player has yet managed to avoid: the UCL blockers…

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If they buy Koulibaly it will massively help them in the weakest part of their team, unfortunately.

As for Foden, good footballer with a promising future, shame he plays for them. Each person’s private life is their own business, but such is the nature of being a Prem footballer it attracts press and we comment, so in that manner I will add my tuppence that it’s not a good look for a young lad to have a kid with a girlfriend while living with his mum and dad, and then flouting the Covid rules on England duty.

Multi millionaire, fantastic lifestyle and all the rest of it… but I’m more impressed with a quiet lad who goes about his business quietly, and let’s his football do his talking. Understated is good, especially for an 18 yr old.

So while I don’t want to slaughter him, it possibly indicates something wrong in the culture at Man City, and they don’t raise their young men right.


She’s the 18-year old. Foden is actually Jesse Lingard’s age…

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