Match Day Tickets

Hey Mates. We’re going to be attending our second match from the states and had a question about match day tickets. When I bought my tickets last year, I went through the website/hospitality. It looks like everything is sold out for the remaining of the season.

Are there another websites that I can trust to buy tickets from? I’m hoping a lot of you know about some good second options. We’re looking to come in for the City or Brighton game.

Thanks so much!

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Has anyone used Also, if any of you season ticket holders, or know someone local who wants to sell their tickets to make some extra $$, let me know!

It’s impossible to get tickets. I’ve renewed my membership 3 years ago and have entered every ballot. Not a single ticket.

Plenty of scammers about though

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Last year I went through the website and bought tickets through the hospitality package. It was pretty overpriced at I think around $400+ for a ticket in mid level Anfield road stand. But it was the only way I could get a ticket to the match. Unfortunately, all the hospitality tickets have been sold out for the remaining games since last week when I checked. There was plenty for sale still. I wonder if Klopp announcing his retirement had anything to do with it.

I was hoping someone on here would know a local lad or has season tickets and can’t attend the Brighton game. Or could at least point me to the right direction on Facebook if they had success using that before. =/

It’s not going to be guaranteed but I used where they are only allowing tickets to be resold at face value. Just post your request in the Liverpool section or watch out for those posts reselling. Just be careful for people who ask to deal with you offline or ask you to pay money through transfer. The time I used them, I met the guy in Liverpool the night before, paid him and he passed me his season ticket card. £54 pounds or so for a Kop seat. The only fear I had was being played out last minute if the guy decides to go for the match himself or just did not turn up. So it’s still a risk.

The club will have official resale partners that’ll often include a full weekend (hotel stay etc) its dynamic pricing and will likely cost you but I’ve done it a few times and it’s been worth the peace of mind to ensure I had a ticket if I was making the trip across the pond. I’m trying to remember the names, club sport events was the one I used 2 seasons ago

I wouldn’t trust any random website like that.

Thanks for sending that website over, Gasband. I might go through that if I can’t find anything cheaper. $684 a ticket, gotta love it!

Ya post early your request, no harm doing that

Hello. hope I can piggyback on this thread - I was determined to see a game at Anfield before Jurgen leaves, so I got myself a hospitality ticket for the FA Cup game in Feb. Match is at 19.45, my nightbus home leaves from the centre at 23.45. Are there enough people walking back into the centre after the game for me to be safe doing the same, as I’m guessing there will be 0 chance of getting a bus?

I feel a bit extravagant at getting the ticket (cheapest possible mind you) so didn’t want to get a hotel booked, and I’m going on my own so trying to work it all out in my head just now!

Incidentally there were quite a lot of tickets left still for that game, might be short notice for you, though.

When I was thinking over whether to do it I looked on FootballBreaks, which is an official reseller, and they had some tickets left there (albeit expensive)

Anytime I’ve been there are always plenty walking back in to town

What’s the website?

Cool, thanks.

I went to the friendly at Deepdale and thought it would be an easy walk back to town from there, but the route took me down what felt like fairly quiet streets and I’m always a bit nervous walking on my own at night somewhere unfamiliar. Some banter guy stopped me and did the whole ‘scuse me love…you’ve got some shit on your shirt…oh no it’s a Liverpool badge’ and I thought I was about to get mugged, told him ‘yeah, don’t do that to a woman walking on her own at night’. Clearly I’ve been in London too long and automatically assume anyone approaching you like that wants money, your phone, or an unfulfilling sexual encounter.

And yeah, it was!

I thought there is a bus 26 that runs pretty late to centre? I am sure there are other buses too?

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Yeah, I was thinking more of the possibility of actually getting on one!

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Can anyone point to pages on FB/X where there are genuine tickets, or all just dirty rotten scammers?

There are plenty of buses from outside the ground into town,though the queues tend to be long but you’ll happily chat to others in the line. I’m a bit impatient so i walk but would probably be quicker to wait for the bus as it takes about 40-50 mins to walk in .

Thanks, I can live with a long queue, just want to make sure my way back in will be safe and I’ll make my nightbus. Preferably with enough time to go to Tesco for a bag of Tangfastics.

Yeah, that website does not work anymore lol.