Midlife Career Change

that whole “putting food on the table” thing in the most expensive city in the country to live in.

our transit system sucks here.

Get Sadiq Khan over.

Chelsea Women Burn GIF by Barclays WSL

Challenge 1. Moot. See point #2

Challenge 2. Valid point. Just act important and look busy. All things failed , revert to first point.

Challenge 3. Revert to point #2

I think I just gave away the secret of being an effective manager.

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guessing he’s another politician who excels at spending huge amounts of public funds on ineffective projects.

Keep on guessing.

A porn star? If you say the first name very quickly is sounds like “suck dick”, and you mentioned 3 dildo’s earlier, so putting 3 and 3 together gets me to a porn star.

Oh wow Suck Dick Cunt

But when I was in NY I actually heard people that London tube in comparison to the NY metro is like way better and at least making small albeit slow improvements? I don’t how true is that or just a matter of bad, worse, worst thing. And they also mentioned Paris making great changes to their system too.

I found the subway system in NY to be excellent.
Frequent punctual service and clean carriages.
Friendly people and lots of quirky entertainers on most trains.
Enjoyable travel.

London on the other hand

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My personal experience, albeit just a visitor, while London tube has lots to improve, but it’s still a more pleasant overall experience than the NY one.

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can’t be bothered.

It’s called humouring the old git

that bit gets tired after a while.