Mikey’s Millions 2022

My take:

Grabara - 500 thousands
Grujić - 13 millions
Keita - 25 millions
Shaqiri - 13 millions
Woodburn - 500 thousands
Wilson - 15 millions
Ojo - 7 millions
Awoniyi - 8 millions
Origi - 10 millions

Edit: duly amended the loans.


Corrected. If any defence I could have put five Karius’ in there and it would have made no difference to the overall fees.

In fact I think you could have put five Karius’s in goal in the 2018 final and it would have made little difference to the result.

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At least my prices are consistent :laughing:


Origi - £12m
Wilson - £10m
Grujic - £12m
Shaqiri - £10m
Ojo - £5m
Awoniyi - £5m
Keita - £25m
Minamino - £12m
Woodburn - £1.5m
Karius - £2.5m

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I still think we will get a decent fee for Origi. At least £18-20m. Shaqiri maybe the same.

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Who is that???

The term “left field” means out of nowhere (if you don’t know). I think Klopp will remove players who’ve proven to be injury prone. Matip’s an excellent defender but has Aqualaniism.


Thanks, I didn’t know.

Is it same as Aurélism?

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You could call it Andycarrollitis if you wish?

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My rather pessimistic take (pandemics and all that):

Origi - £5m
Minamino - £0m (stays put)
Karius - £1.5m
Wilson - £5m
Grujic - £5m
Shaqiri - £7.5m
Keita - £0m (stays put as he’s unsellable right now)
Woodburn - £0.5m
Grabara - £1m
Ojo - £1.5m
Awoniyi - £1.5m

Total: £28.5m


Edwards will have a heart-attack :rofl:


Well, here goes nothing:

|Player|Transfer Fee|
|Caoimhin Kelleher|£1m|
|Ben Davies|£2m|
|Naby Keïta|£20m|
|Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain|£14m|
|Ben Woodburn|£2m|
|Xherdan Shaqiri|£8m|
|Divock Origi|£11m|
|Harry Wilson|£12m|

I’m looking to Mickey pulling off the odd miracle or three if we are to get anywhere near my total figure. :crazy_face:

Following the rule change, here is my revised list of ten players:

Player Transfer Fee
Caoimhin Kelleher £1m
Ben Davies £1m
Ben Woodburn £1m
Xherdan Shaqiri £6m
Divock Origi £8m
Harry Wilson £9m
Grujic £8m
Awoniyi £2m
Ojo £1m
Karius £1m

As there is no advantage in correctly guessing individual transfer fees, or indeed the sum, and every danger of going bust by overestimating one or two, I’ve taken the precaution of removing all the big ticket players, and revising the remaining valuations downwards.

I’ll bet @cynicaloldgit didn’t see that one coming. :wink: :wink:


Player (fee in millions of pounds)

Adrian - 0.5
Kelleher - 1
Tsimikas - 8
Davies - 3
Matip - 0.000001
R Williams - 7
Phillips - 9
Milner - 0.000001
Keita - 15
Oxlade-Chamberlain - 5
Shaqiri - 5
Woodburn - 3
Thiago - 20
Firmino - 30
Mane - 55
Salah - 135
Origi - 12
Grujic - 7.5
Ojo - 4
van den Berg - 5
Minamino - 13.5
Wilson - 7.5
Grabara - 2
Karius - 0.000001
Awoniyi - 3

Total - 351m

Not expecting these to all be sold (obviously) but based on rules of game, would seem better to include players that may be highly unlikely. If player is sold for ‘an undisclosed fee’ (usually small) will they be included or considered as ‘free’? In case they are, I’ve put Karius and (much less likely) Milner and (incredibly remote likelihood) Matip all at 1 pound to catch this scenario.

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Hmmmmmm. I may have to tweak the rules now. :thinking:

Didn’t think anyone here would abuse the system like that. :joy:


I’m always ready to consider abusing the rules… its one of the things that pisses me off about our beautiful team under Klopp.

Thanks to @PaulRoJo , I have revised the rules.

They are now available in the opening post.

Please edit your entries accordingly.

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Your welcome. :rofl:

Just to be a pain:

This reads that if Michael sells 9 players, then someone who picked 4 of those (but only those 4) would win over someone who picked 8 of the 9. Is that your intention?


No: if Mikey sells nine, whoever gets all those nine or the highest number of those nine wins.

Added to opening post.


Best add that then, old man.

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Origi 14m,
Shaqiri 12m,
Woodburn 2m,
Grujic 12m,
Wilson 10m,
Awoniyi 8m,
Grabara 2m,
Ojo 4m
Keita 20m
Karius 500k.

£84.5 m