Mikey’s Millions (2023 post #341)

With the summer transfer window due to open next month, it’s time to open the 2023 competition.

Rules are as follows:

  1. Pick up to ten Liverpool players who you think will be sold, and their fees.

  2. Free transfers, players released, loans and undisclosed fees do not count.

  3. Strictly no changes to entries once the transfer window opens.


  1. Each correct player sold is worth one point.
  2. Each incorrect player loses a point.

** please note that this is a new rule for 2023.**


  1. If two (or more) entries score the same number of points, the winner will be the one whose total sales AMONG CORRECT PLAYERS ONLY is the closest to the real total for those players, without going over that real total.

  2. If still tied, the entry with the most correct valuations AMONG CORRECT PLAYERS ONLY wins.

  3. If still tied, whoever offers me the biggest bribe wins. :joy:

As usual, the competition closes when the transfer window opens (date TBC) and all player valuations will be taken from Transfermarkt in GBP.

Last rule: my decision is final. :rage:

Good luck to all!

Roll of honour:

2021 @Iftikhar
2022 @KY_TNRed


Kelleher: 14m
Phillips: 6m
Williams: 2m
Clarkson: 1m

No other sales.

Holding out for “oUr VaLuAtIoN” really paid off on this one. :crazy_face:

I’m going to have to recuse myself from this one for “reasons”

Kelleher £18m
Williams £1m
Phillips £7m
Clarkson £1m
Morton £4m
Matip £12m

Kelleher £17 m
Williams £0,75 m
Phillips £6 m
Clarkson £2,5 m
Arroyo £1 m

Phillips : 6.5m
Arroyo : 1.5m
Clarkson : 1.5m
Williams : 2m

I’ll play it safe. Reckon a few u21s will be moved on but doubt we will hear a price so won’t submit them

Kelleher 16m
Matip 7.5m
Williams 1m
Clarkson 1.5m
Arroyo 1.5m
Phillips 6m
Thiago 18m
Tsimikas 22m

The new rules are going to lead to more conservative choices, but I’ll go out on a limb and predict that Thiago will be sold largely because he’s hardly ever available. And Tsimikas seems to off after all those tears at the last home game.

Kelleher £26M
R. Williams £7M
Phillips £15M
Jota £55M
Carvalho £15M
Arroyo £2M
Chambers £1.2M
Jaros £1M
O’Rourke £750K

Rhys Williams - 10M
Nat Phillips - 8M
Kellehee - 15M
Arroyo - 2M

2 of my Seagull Masterpiece

Thiago - 88m

Interesting fact I discovered just recently… There is no such bird as a Seagull.!
Read this comment recently and in all my time on this earth… I’ve never heard this fact before - Maybe I just need to get out more :0)

There’s no such thing as a seagull —the correct term is simply “gull," because gulls don’t live exclusively near the sea. This is a hill many birders have chosen to die on.

Oh, and while on the same subject, the posh name for a pigeon is they are also called Rock Doves… that one I knew though

i ran vintage GIF

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Don’t do it unless @gasband offers two of the much more seminal horse-series.

I think I’m going to wait to see if we get CL football. I agree with the bulk of the names being repeated, but if we don’t get CL football, I’m tempted to go big with a shock departure or two as well.

Right, I’m going to be brutal/reckless with the outgoings:

Carvalho £20M (he needs more action to develop, so either a loan or sale I think)
Matip £8M (we will sign a new cb)
Salah £90M (PSG in a post Messi move)
Phillips £5M (decent wage suppresses the fee a bit)
Williams £2M (no point haggling for more)
Arroyo £2M (decent player, will be tough to break through here)
Thiago £12M (I doubt we keep all three old heads)

Robbo £50M
(I think we are moving to 3 at the back, and will set up as a 3223 next season. If so, we will probably want a bigger player, though obviously Robbo is a smashing fullback).

I get it, I might have been too brutal here!

Still, I didn’t want to play it safe and go for the same 3-4 as everyone else.

We would not sell Carvalho or Robbo for just 20m or 50m. The rest seem plausible.

No major clearance sales this season considering the wage bill that has been freed up with Milner / ox / keita / firmino leaving

Kelleher: 18
Phillips: 9
Rhys Williams: 750k
Morton: 1.25