Mobile Phones for Dummies

Hi all.

Cant see a thread for mobile phones so thought Id start one. I’m not massively into phones but I am due a renewal.

Currently have a Samsung S10+ after owning an iPhone from the 3 to the 10 but fancied a change. (Still think the 4 was the best ever made.)

I do like the freedom of the Samsung in terms of it easy and you are not “tied” into Apple.
But the typing on a Samsung is a ballache and it just types shite half the time.

So with the Iphone 13 coming out I am tempted to go back but a question for those in the know…
How easy is it to get MP3s on the Iphone without Itunes as I hate that software.
Thats the real deal breaker as Itunes is horrible and I need my music with me.


with Spotify and other streaming services, Is having MP3’s a MUST?


Yeah because its free. :grinning:

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Ive ordered the 13.

Think ill bounce between the 2 every 2 years.

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Haha. Glad you took the time to seek advice from the forum! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still on the iPhone X from 2017 and was considering upgrading this year but, having done some online research, decided to wait for the iPhone 14 next year.

It’s supposed to be markedly different to the 12, whereas the 13 isn’t much of an improvement on its predecessor. We shall see.

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I think they’ve run out of ideas.
Not much more they can do.
I think the iPhone 4 was the best phone ever made. The leap in tech from 3 to 4 was amazing.
The 5 was shite.
The 6 was decent - then they didn’t change much until the X (10).
Still amazed they haven’t got rid of the notch at the top although I hear its reduced on the 13 - why not get rid instead of reducing? Odd.

Currently on Galaxy S8, but toying with an upgrade to the Galaxu Z Flip 3

Looks like the only decent looking phone on the market atm. Or am I just being sucked in by a gimmick and the retro flip look?

That’s apparently happening with next year’s iteration, which is one of the reasons why I’m waiting.


yeah I think so. We havent had flip phones for over 10 years.