Mohamed SALAH: 2021/22

First Name: Mohamed
Surname: Salah
Squad Number: 11
Position: Forward
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 72kg
D.O.B.: 15.06.1992.
Town of Birth: Basyoun
Country of Birth: Egypt
Nationality: Egyptian

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Can we not have this thread spammed with random tweets from random people this year?

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Very diplomatic of you … :grinning:

Not having a go at you, mate, but there’s Neil Jones’s Twitter account where this info originates from and it shouldn’t be a problem to link the original content, rather than post some anonymous “quoters” looking to bump up their follower count.

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Thought it was taken from the article Jones wrote about VvD, like a footnote?

Salah’s continuation beyond 2023 rightfully is now our biggest priority, but let’s not forget the other two front three-ers both have the same current contract length as Mo.

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Taken away the tweet that people disliked so much and put Neil Jones link to his article tweet instead.

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Mohamed Salah’s game by numbers against Norwich:

38 touches
7 total duels
5 shots
4 ball recoveries
3 chances created
3 duels won
2 assists
2 shots on target
2 take-ons completed
2 Big Chances Created
1 aerial duel won
1 goal

Directly involved in all three goals.

THE King is back!


Good stuff, looks fresh and hungry. What I liked the most is that he looked for Mane and other players in more situations (some crap passes at the end when I felt he wanted another assist). He’s not very good when he forces it too much individually. He’s best when he plays simple, combines and attacks the goal.

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Man of the match easily and by the end was in unplayable mode. This was a rare occasion when he could have done with being a little more selfish as there were more goals to be had. Both he and Mane seemed determined to set each other up. Think I’m going to have as much trouble getting used to that as I am seeing Klopp without glasses.


He’s just brilliant. His desire to score goals, the fire he plays with. So busy. And I love how he tried to set Mane up at the end. It was probably the wrong decision, but a really nice gesture.

Oh and his goal was great. The touch to set up the shot :ok_hand:


Salah (98) has moved outright second in the leading Premier League goalscorers from Africa.

He’s six behind Didier Drogba’s record of 104.

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Meh. Naby will overtake them both this season… if he stays fit.

He’s played a lot less games than Drogba even though some of Salahs were cameos of a few minutes off the bench back when he wasn’t getting a look in at Chelsea!

Make of this what you will from Mo’s agent.

He’s a fucking tool. A budget basement Raiola…

Made millions of Mo’s talent, yet still lacks humility and class.


It’s poor form IMO and not a great look. Especially after a great opening day win.