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Maybe the larger point is that he’s grown two very different companies to very impressive (and profitable) growth. He’s surely the most accomplished entrepreneur since Steve Jobs.

I think got air is right. Tesla valuation makes no sense and I certainly wouldn’t want to be long the stock over the next 5 years.


Hopefully they fuck off completely.

doubtful. the market for electric cars still rising dramatically. the holdback on Tesla growth is their sheer ability to produce cars en masse

the local Hyundai dealer here is making an absolute killing with their EV’s and hybrids. they cannot keep stock.


For bitcoin $16K seems the new line in the sand.

Or read “we’re forcing people to call useless call centres and use the very basic functions of online banking”

“Hello, I’m calling to notify you of a change of our registered business address”
Welcome to a 4 hour conversation which could have been sorted in the branch in 20 minutes…

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great, so the prices of GPU’s will finally come back down to fucking earth.


I didn’t get into it when the prices were insane. Wish I had have done several years ago mind. Forget the GPU, it’s the power that kills now.