Money Saving Trick and Tips

OK. I’m not Martin Lewis (git) but I have a very good one to kick this off. My parents are in an endless COVID panic in that my mum is still terrified of going out and my dad thinks she’s nuts. But as she seems to hold the whip hand, they manage church and health appointments. Since the start of lockdown I’ve been shopping for them, was always at Sainsburry’s. Then for reasons best known to themselves they moved to requesting ASDA. Easier for me in fairness. The point of all this pish is GET THE ASDA APP!!! I got it about 6 weeks ago and already have £25 of real vouchers. You also get a wheel spin every time you spend over £5. I just won a £1. Now we’re not talking life changing amounts of money here but a month’s shop giving you enough vouchers for a loaf, milk, beans, cheese, ham and a few vegies at the end of the month is a good idea in my book. No idea where all my Tesco points go and we all have Tesco mobiles……

Here’s a great money saving tip: don’t go out.

For meals that cost £500? I’m getting the hang of referencing posts from weeks ago :wink: Folks do it to me all the time. I blame the parents :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m trying to help all you peasants who can’t even afford a decent lunch.

I do have 2 lunch receipts which I kept. They’d make Musk’s eyes water. The tip……

How much have you had to spend in 6 weeks in order to get £25 off .How do ASDA prices compare to Tesco.Did ASDA cost you £25 more in those 6 weeks for the same things.Would you “win” £1 for every spin?


Asda is cheaper than Sainsburry’s and Tesco. They also have superior meat. Approx £110 per week. Same shop at the former (doesn’t seem to change much, boring buggers, what the hell is an oatie biscuit??) £130.

So you’re already up £20 and then the £25 in vouchers.Not much off 20% savings for something you feel is a superior product.That’s a big deal these days.
We were told 15-20 years ago to shop around as supermarkets all have different prices for things.We all kind of scoffed at it as that meant on top of busy lives we also then had to spend more time in shops,more time in traffic,more cost for fuel etc.
Online shopping in supermarkets has changed a lot of that imo.


spend £250 in Lidl in a month and they will give you 10% discount of your next shop!

my fav is the nectar card at Sainsbury’s, you can get nectar prices on items,
like £4 of a 12 pack of beer!

Similar thing in Ireland with Dunnes stores,for every 50 euro spent you get 10 euro off your next shop.20% saving if you buy those things you know cost very similar price in your normal supermarket.

I shop once a week in one supermarket (Carrefour) ok it’s 5Km away however I get all my weeks provisions in one go and the petrol is the cheapest in a 40Km radius.
No wasting time and petrol going to different shops.
Btw I find Lidl useless as if I go there I end up having to go to Carrefour anyway to get the quality I want (their pasta is particularly crap). Lidl is loads of paniers full of useless unedible items!

  1. Prep your own food. There are enough of help/assistance videos given by youtube etc to make food even for p people who are cramped for time.
  2. Also if you have to go out , avoid places/cuisines you know aren’t value for money. Ordering what’s a entree , main course + side dishes , and then dessert and drinks is what will lead to increased costs. I’d be looking at a set combo option as the way to go.
  3. See if you can combine with another family for shopping. Saves on gas as you can alternate visits. Someone can babysit when the other family goes shopping etc. Plus there’s also less of an impulse purchase when you have to give the list before hand when its your friend’s turn to shop on your behalf.

I remember going to one donkey’s years ago. Was near a US military base somewhere in France. It was the size of Liverpool. Utterly ridiculously big. Great shop though, wish we had them here.

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