Naby KEITA: 2020/21

First Name: Naby
Surname: Keita
Squad Number: 8
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.72m
Weight: 64kg
D.O.B.: 10.02.1995.
Town of Birth: Conakry
Country of Birth: Guinea
Nationality: Guinean

Divides opinion like no other at the moment.

Physically I will never be convinced about him being great in the PL but he has other qualities of course.

I am far from saying he is a flop because he had some great games already.

But the great games he had - I want to see him do that in a short space of time against 2-3 Top 6 teams and then we could start think about him overtaking Wijnaldum in the hierarchy.

Yeah, sadly many are already convinced he’s a flop and no matter what he does it won’t change their opinion.


At least we know what Epsomred’s new username is now.


What is it? #20characters

All I know is it’s not Flobs this time. :astonished:

Nobody puts baby in the corner


That’s actually a cool username :blush:

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What I noticed with him against Leeds was he turn around speed once he lost it isn’t great. He’s very good going forward but a bit flat footed going backwards.

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Two more good performances from him in important league games (Arsenal and Everton) and he jumps ahead of Ox in my hierarchy.

Still far off of Gini of course :wink:

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Looking forward to a big season from this guy (if he stays healthy, fingers crossed)

Seeing him and Thiago celebrating together in Liverpool red on Sunday was a striking moment for me, recognizing just how far Jurgen has brought this club. I remember watching that duo in the Bundesliga and thinking, “man, it sure would be nice to have guys like that in the squad”

It’s reality now folks :grinning:

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Great game again by Naby tonight. He’s finding his rhythm. If he stays fit he’s going to smash up the league this season.


Very different performance tonight than what I think most of us expect. Deeper, more reserved, but also utterly in control.


I read the stat that said it was his fifth consecutive league start, the longest streak he’s had since joining the club. I agree with Kopstar and Limie, he looked more withdrawn this season, perhaps he’s being groomed to take over from Wijnaldum next season, fitness permitting, while Jones should be the one tasked with more offensive input?


Wild. I know it’s a fixture of his game but I wouldn’t have thought he’d have topped that list.

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He’s really quick to pick up a loose ball. He’s not quick over a distance but off the mark or when changing direction he is lightning, and he anticipates well where the ball will drop if there’s a scrappy situation playing out. When he tackles the opposition he doesn’t do a Wan-Bissaka slide and knock the ball out for a throw in, he tends to retain possession.

Nice to see Laimer at the top there too, a player I’ve championed on TIA previously. Very hard working and athletic player, someone I’d happily see replace Gini if he’s off next year.

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Keita needs to step up… He seems to be a busy player but hasn’t shown is Leipzig form… Its unfortunate Ox is injured most of the time… Another one who could be very effective and add pace and goals from midfield…

He has been stepping up. He’s been one of our better performers for the last few months. A poor game yesterday doesn’t change that. What seems apparent is that he needs leadership around him and that was sorely absent yesterday.


I was deeply frustrated by Keita last night, but I don’t think it helps that he was asked to do a job (Hendo’s workhorse shift on the right side of midfield) that is not his game at all.

I’m deeply frustrated by Keita 90% of the time he plays. It’s obvious that he has skills, but I just don’t see much in the way of him being a driving force of any kind on the field for Liverpool. A decent role player sure, but not much more.

He’s played fine, and looked good in some games, but it’s been 2 years now.

That said, I would love to keep him as I know as soon as we let him go somewhere else he’s going to light things up. It’s really the roles and responsibilities that our club currently require of midfielder players that I just don’t think suits him.

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