Nathaniel PHILLIPS: 2021/22 (on loan at Bournemouth)

Just look at Nat :heart_eyes:

The dilemma of Nat Philips underscores how far we have progressed. He is a Skrtel/Sakho level player and 10 years ago he would have been a starter. Nat knows he has no future at Anfield. He isn’t even perturbed by Rhys being ahead in the peaking order. Whenever he is called upon, he delivers a solid (if not spectacular) performance, and that’s not easy.


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I gotta be honest I think he has done well each time he has been called upon.

He has certainly done enough to be CB number 3 at the moment (behind Fab and Matip) which means he will probably be playing more often than not.


Interesting how people are still not including Hendo in this CB pecking order conversation. We’ve just had two improved performances in which we’ve looked much more like the Liverpool of last year, which coincided with Hendo playing at CB to replicate Van Dijk’s role starting attacks. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

I think Fabinho might be in line for a midfield return before Hendo.


I hate it when someone pretends to be ITK as regards one of more obscure players. But if you had seen the three or four games I saw him play for Stuttgart in their promotion season last year, you’d have seen this level of solidity. Rhys is one for the future for sure, but I hope we see a run of games for Nate now.


The lad has done well when called on,surely nudged MOTM against the hammers,if Mo hadn’t been on fire he would have jagged it.
Like the lad,good for 100%,!


Yeah, the fact that Phillips looks reliable enough alongside Hendo opens up that option for Klopp, which is really great.

As for Hendo, if we needed any further proof that he has reached world-class level, then his latest performances as a center-back just nail it down. He is so much our main man these days, and allowed Phillips to slot in quite naturally alongside him. If they can both stay fit, keep them as a pair in there, and play Fab as a number six again.


In the 2.5 games he’s played he’s been solid. Yesterday against West Ham he was brilliant.

He dropped in and it’s been a seamless transition so far. I honestly don’t know how you improve on that without spending an absolute fortune.

In my mind he deserves a run in the side.


I hope Phillips still has a chance to make his name here but with the profile of the transfers it is clear about Klopp’s preference for faster CBs.

I would expect, no matter how he performs, that Phillips will probably only get a few more games with Fabinho returning soon and the new guys.

But it could be bitter-sweet to see him go in the summer. There is something about rooting for the guy who comes out of our Youth system, who gives his all and has never failed us yet…


I think he will Keep his place for Brighton. Cant ask any more from the lad. Probably be off in the summer, knows how to keep west ham at bay haha.

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Yep. I’ve been a fan of his for four years now and have been hoping he’d get a chance to show us what he’s got, although I’d prefer it if it wasn’t because our defenders were all crocked!


It is Nat’s place to lose now…
Play him against Brighton to get him warmed up against the Cheaters

Klopp said Fabinho should be back against City. Fabinho + Henderson vs City IMO.


OR Fab back in midfield…??

I’m sorry but City is not a game I’d dream of risking Phillips in. Especially an in form City. He’s done absolutely brilliant in a simple, no nonsense, if in doubt hit it out kind of way. But technical abilities and pace I don’t think he should be exposed against City it should be Fabinho or Kabak even at RCB with Henderson or Fabinho at LCB. Preferably Fabinho and Henderson for now as may be too soon for Kabak. Although Henderson worries me at CB against a technically accomplished side like City too.


I’m starting Fab and Hendo in the City game without any hesitation. Not in the slightest worried about Hendo.

Then look at Kabak (in place of Fab in my opinion) for Leicester.


Yeah, no room for Nat or Rhys in a game against City. It can work the odd time, but I don’t want to see us plan like that. It’s best for all.

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I’d go with the other one, but yeah it has to be Hendo and Fabinho at City.

Against City I’m starting as many ‘harriers’ as I can. I would allow them onto us and then smother them. Have Robertson, Henderson, Fabinho, Alexander-Arnold, Thiago, Wijnaldum, Milner hunting them down. AOC and Jones off the bench with some fresh legs after an hour. Just harangue them constantly…they will never have experienced anything like it. All of those 7 (7!) players are brilliant at pressing and are also all very good at the pass that can immediately release Salah or Mane in behind. If Jota was also back that would be the icing on the cake but if not, Firmino’s been in good form recently.


[quote=“Kopstar, post:99, topic:1129, full:true”]
Against City I’m starting as many ‘harriers’ as I can.

Got to remember also…
Whilst the league is crucial to us, Jurgen will also need to keep his powder dry regards his tactical formation…
We might need to knock these Cheating F***ers out of the CL sooner than we think… Sniffer can’t handle surprise formation/tactic changes when he has to face them without his incessant prep work on the training pitch.
Hendo + Phillips for me… Fab back as the holding midfielder in this one