New Champions League structure

From BBC Sport:

So, 10 Champions League matches before Xmas each year, end of the EFL Cup for CL sides?


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This is what project big picture was really about. No team can be expected to compete in a 20 team premier league, a 36 team champions league and two domestic cups.


Except for those bankrolled by nation states or oligarchs.

And that is what this change is really about: concentrating success amongst a small handful of clubs under the pretence of making it wider and more accessible to all.

It’s typical neoliberal sleight of hand.


Any link that gives a clearer description of the format. What I have read so far, the format is rather vague and susceptible to manipulation.

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The current group stage is mostly a snorefest and there’s no way they go back to a two leg straight k.o old style cup so seems o.k.If they wanna keep cl teams in the league cup let em play the u-23’s/squad players.

Detail has been hard to find, but based on this:
“Instead of eight groups of four playing six games each as is currently the case, all teams would play 10 matches against opponents of varying strengths and decided on each club’s Uefa ranking.”

10 matches, means 6 teams in a group for home and away. Six 6’s are 36. So, I’d guess 6 groups of six… maybe top 2 though and 4 best 3rd placed teams to make a last 16. But I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Personally, I think the current format works well and doesn’t impact too much on domestic affairs (in a normal season).

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Any changes where more games have to be played make no sense IMO.


I assume this is to throw up the odd big match before the knockouts.

It sounds pretty bollocks mind, if you don’t have to play in the league cup I suppose that would be one benefit, I think that should be for all teams in Europe mind.

Swiss System!!! Now why does that sound cheesy to me?


Because it’s full of holes? :thinking:


Yeah :blush:

Expect us to draw someone like Napoli and City to draw someone like Bucharest from the same pot and then tallied in a single table.

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UEFA is set to force through a new Champions League format today. 36 instead of 32 teams and ten group matches instead of six. Each club will play five home and five away matches in the group stage against ten opponents of different strengths based on seeding. #awlfc [times]

The results will feed into one 32-team league table with the top eight going through to the knockout rounds and a play-off for clubs finishing between ninth and 24th place to decide the other eight. There would no longer be a drop-down into the Europa League. #awlfc [times]

They won’t be happy until they can just award the trophy to Real Madrid by default. Like in the good old days.


Let’s destroy football, so that Agnelli’s team don’t go out of Europe by less glamorous clubs.

Why destroy something having worked out well in the whole since it’s implementation, also for the big clubs? It doesn’t make any sense to me.


Very simple: money.


But the CL has been exactly that: a cash cow for everyone. I’m not sure that the new structure will attract more interest to be honest. The contrary might happen.

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Big clubs threatened, this will generate more games and probably more big profile games.

Fixed it for you.


Sounds shit to be honest.

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