Newcastle and Saudi Arabia

Pope, Botmann, Trippier, Almiron, Guimares, Saint Maximin, Wilson, Willock, Joelinton

The rest is shit

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Still a midtable club.



Perhaps someone like @Kopstar can correct me, but isn’t that yet another case of misleading Parliament?

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Yes, I think the statement that the government were not involved in the discussions regarding the purchase of Newcastle by the PIF is misleading on that evidence. They appear to have acted as an intermediary in some respects to try and facilitate a deal although the statements do not go as far as suggesting that any pressure was put on the PL. Grimstone appears to be just doing his job, which is fine. The government really ought to just say it as it is rather than these bullshit “nothing’s going on” remarks that lack credibility at the time and are so often exposed later as horseshit.


This government wouldn’t say anything as it is.


Not just that, but in FIFA’s eyes, would this not constitute as political influence in the game?

I mean, countries have been banned from international accreditation for government influencing the governing body of said country, so should FA and England be possibly banned?

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The FA =/= the Premier League.

Additionally, I don’t think that what has been revealed would constitute influencing the game in the way that FIFA has an objection to.

I just brought the parties together. I worked hard to find solutions. That’s why I was paid. It was my job. But obviously I had nothing to do with it!

The government lied about this one, as clearly there was involvement to enable a deal.

It is, of course, entirely in keeping with numerous other examples of dodgy money coming into the country.

For the government, morals are one thing; business another.

Happy to keep up some faux outrage… tut tut, executing 80 citizens. Oh dear, murdering Khashogi. That’s not nice is it, rounding up every rival and torturing them. Etc.

Blind eye turned, as the cash flows. ‘Twas ever thus.